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Ramón A. Abadin: President of The Florida Bar

by Jan Pudlow
Cover of July-August issue of The Florida Bar JournalSoot and smoke swirled in the engine room of the Langfitt, where young Ramón Abadin sweated in 120-degree heat as a “wiper” cleaning behind boilers. Abadin was glad to snag this job working on the 351-foot dredge boat at the mouth of the Mississippi River for two summers after freshman and sophomore years at Tulane University in New Orleans. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers paid $15 an hour, big money for a kid working his way through college in the late ’70s. His Cuban-American parents in Miami couldn’t afford to send him away to college, so Abadin cobbled together tuition and living expenses with financial aid, a little scholarship money, and his own resourcefulness....

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