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Animal Law in Florida: Here and Now

by Ralph A. DeMeo and Gregg R. Morton
The Florida Bar Animal Law Committee (ALC) is pleased to present this special issue of The Florida Bar Journal. While the Journal is no stranger to the subject and has published a number of articles in recent years, the growth in awareness of and interest in animal law from attorneys, law students, law schools, and the public has increased exponentially in recent years. Of course, the first question that is often asked by those who are unfamiliar with the ALC and animal law is “what is animal law?”

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November 2014
Volume 88, No.9
Special Issue: Animal Law in Florida

Intro - Animal Law in Florida: Here and Now - by Ralph A. DeMeo and Gregg R. Morton

Can You Trust Your Pet? A Primer on Florida Pet Trusts - by Margaret R. Hoyt and Sarah S. AuMiller

Taking Notice of Florida’s Antiquated Equine Lien Laws - by Amanda Simmons Luby and Renée E. Thompson

Integrated Animal Court: A Better Fit for Animal Law Cases in Florida - by Susanne M. Suiter and Sarah Rissman Taitt

Dog Bites Human: Why Florida Lawyers Should Care and What They Need to Know - by Phyllis Coleman

Defending Those Who Cannot Speak: Civil and Criminal Prosecution of Animal Abuse - by Janet A. McDonald

July/August 2014

September/October 2014


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