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We Need a Hard Eight: Florida’s Growing Exception to the Eight Corners Rule

by R. Hugh Lumpkin and Alex Stern
Lawsuits bring stress, anxiety, and the threat of financial ruin. To respond to this threat, responsible people and businesses purchase some form of liability insurance. Liability insurance entitles the policyholder to two important promises. First, the insurer will indemnify the policyholder by paying for covered losses falling within the policy’s limits. Second, the insurer will provide the policyholder with a defense from a lawsuit potentially covered by the policy. This second promise, known as an insurer’s “duty to defend,” typically includes appointment of counsel and payment of attorneys’ fees and other legal costs incurred in the policyholder’s defense. Liability insurance is sometimes referred to as litigation insurance because liability policies, in addition to indemnifying loss, are designed to “protect[] the insured from the expense of defending suits."

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