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Eugene K. Pettis First African-American President of

The Florida Bar
by Jan Pudlow
When Eugene Pettis was a little boy, a speech impediment smacked a “K” sound at the start of every word. Neighbors would tell the other Pettis kids: “Go get your brother,” because they wanted to hear Eugene talk for comical entertainment. Lifelong friend and neighbor Lockey Anderson remembers Eugene called her “Kockey”; her dad Joe, “Koe”; and her mother Shirley, “Kirley.” They laughed, and little Eugene laughed with them. But his first-grade teacher wasn’t laughing. When school officials said Eugene had to wait until the second grade to receive speech therapy, his first-grade teacher insisted: “No, he’s getting help this year.”

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July/August 2013
Volume 87, No. 7
The Manifestation Rule in Florida: Has Death Knelled? by Kevin Kelly

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