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A Horse Is a Horse (of Course, of Course) But Is It Agriculture?

Whether Ranches Dedicated to Abused, Abandoned, and Aging Horses Qualify for “Agricultural” Classifications Under Florida’s Greenbelt Law
by Michael T. Olexa, Joshua A. Cossey, Katherine Smallwood, and Zach Broome

In light of recent special sessions, hiring freezes, lagging real estate markets, and numerous articles on greenbelt abuse, local governments need a legal adaptation to help ease the tensions between property owners and property appraisers. Despite tensions over property values, Florida’s population continues to grow steadily, including Florida’s equestrian community. Florida boasts the third largest horse population in the country, surpassed only by California and Texas. With an economic impact on gross domestic product of over 6.5 billion dollars, and generating over 72,000 jobs, the Florida equestrian industry is a significant agricultural commodity.

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February 2012
Volume 86, No. 2
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