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A Civil Litigator’s Guide to the Privilege Against Self-incrimination in Florida’s State and Federal Courts

by Marisa E. Rosen
When Hal Litchford reviewed decisional trends concerning the privilege against compelled self-incrimination in civil litigation for The Florida Bar Journal in 1983, the invocation of that privilege was an infrequent concern to many civil practitioners. On the rare occasion the privilege was asserted in civil proceedings, the effect depended on which party asserted it. At the time, the Florida Supreme Court had a precedent of automatic dismissal of the plaintiff’s claims when the plaintiff asserted the privilege. Such consequences were often prefaced with the tenet that a litigant was not entitled to both silence and a lawsuit...
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December 2013
Volume 87, No. 10
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Crossing the Line: Border Searches at Florida’s International Airports by Jerrold R. Dennis (Nov. 2013)

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