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Premises Liability Revisited: The Law of Foreseeable Crimes Becomes Clearer and Murkier

by Wilton H. Strickland
In December 2009, The Florida Bar Journal published my article exploring the different paths taken by Florida’s appellate courts as to what constitutes a “foreseeable crime” for purposes of establishing premises liability. Back then, the Second District Court of Appeal had not weighed in on the issue, but in December 2013 the court staked out its position in Bellevue v. Frenchy’s South Beach Café, Inc., 136 So. 3d 640 (Fla. 2d DCA 2013). While the opinion adds clarity to Florida law by proclaiming a broad test of foreseeability within the Second District, it also muddies the waters when discussing the narrow test applied by the Third District, attributing that test to only two decisions that the opinion labels outdated or anomalous.

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