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August 1, 2013
James Loney, Justin Meade, Alan AbramowitzWHEN HE WENT TO THE PITCHER’S MOUND at Tropicana Field to throw the first pitch at the Tampa Rays game, Statewide Guardian ad Litem Director Alan Abramowitz, wearing a shirt that said GAL Program #1, faked a shoulder injury, so he could give the ball to Justin Meade, a youth in foster care. Justin, who was brought to the game by his GAL Fran Abilock, got to throw the first ceremonial pitch instead. Justin, who had plenty of practice because he plays pitcher on his high school team, pitched a strike. “I didn’t have to embarrass myself by throwing the ball the wrong way,” said Abramowitz, who last held a baseball when he was 10. “Good thing Justin did the throw or I would have been on ‘Sports Bloopers.’ The Tampa Rays are big into helping children in so many ways. The partnership with our program is just another way they have helped the community and children in need of representation from the Guardian ad Litem Program.” Rays first baseman James Loney (pictured) did a public service announcement with his wife, Nadia, for the GAL Program, and it was shown on a large screen before the game. More than 200 GALs and 20 foster children were at the July 10 game, and the Rays won, beating the Minnesota Twins 4-3.

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