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February 1, 2013
Rumberger shares holiday spirit with military personnel

Over the holidays, Rumberger, Kirk & Caldwell continued its tradition of sending special boxes of goodies to military personnel deployed to Iraq, Afghanistan, and other postings.

“Rumberger folks really got into the holiday spirit this year as we decorated and stuffed stockings for our holiday troop shipment,” said Lisa Griffin, a legal assistant at the firm who coordinates the quarterly shipments from Orlando. “We shipped 82 boxes to nine units representing all branches of the service.”

Griffin said while some of the troops have Internet access, many don’t, so magazines, books, and games are always a big hit.

“It’s tough being away from home during the holidays; each box has a very personal touch,” Griffin said. “Along with the stockings, we included Santa hats, candy canes, and cards made by children, as well as cards from our staff.”

The firm has received positive feedback from the troops.

“Recently, Lt. Bobby Long received a number of care packages from Rumberger, Kirk & Caldwell,” wrote Capt. Andrew Proyect. “After generously sharing the bounty, I wanted to express appreciation on behalf of the entire unit for the support. From the food, socks, and Orlando magnets (which as a fellow Floridian, I enjoy using to annoy rival sports-team fans), we have truly enjoyed the gifts and support you provided. With us being far away from home this holiday season, it is gifts like these that raise our spirits.”

James F. Walsh, Jr., a supervisory special agent, FBI/ALAT/Baghdad, wrote: “Thanks so much for all the boxes. We were surprised when we got five in one day, and even more surprised when we got more a couple days later. We managed to distribute three of the boxes to our fabulous Marines, one to the guys who help keep the office clean, and the others we added to our snack stash. We truly appreciate the thoughtfulness, and the efforts you all make to help us feel more at home.”

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