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June 15, 2013
Survey finds parents like the idea of a lawyer in the family

Doctor. Lawyer. Astronaut. As graduation season kicks off, parents are anticipating where their children’s education will take them. A new survey from — an online legal resource — reveals that nearly two-thirds of parents are hoping their children will choose legal careers.

According to the survey:

Parents are receptive to the idea of their children becoming a lawyer, but are slightly more mixed on their child marrying one:

* 64 percent of survey respondents with children in the household want their child to become a lawyer.

* Moms (55 percent) are more likely to be interested in having a lawyer as a son- or daughter-in-law than dads (38 percent).

Survey results conveyed the aspirations of lower-income parents:

* 80 percent of parents with household incomes of less than $25,000 per year said they’d like their child to become a lawyer, versus 54 percent of those with household incomes more than $75,000.

“Being a lawyer means being a respected professional, and that’s something that parents want for their children,” said Larry Bodine, editor in chief of “Despite the tough economy facing the next generation, it’s exciting to note that nearly two-thirds of parents would be happy with a law degree in their child’s future.”

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