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March 1, 2013
Supreme Court e-filing now begins April 1

The Supreme Court has modified the deadline when electronic filing is required by attorneys in their cases at the court.

The court had originally set a February 27 deadline for mandatory filing. But in a February 18 order, the court made February 27 an optional date where attorneys may voluntarily file documents electronically with the court.

The court set April 1 as the new mandatory deadline for e-filing when attorneys will be required to submit documents to the court through the statewide portal.

The portal can be found online at Information and training videos on using the portal can be found on the website of the Florida Courts E-Filing Authority, which oversees the portal through which all state court filings will be made. That site is:

The complete text of the administrative order setting the new date, AOSC13-7, can be found on the Supreme Court’s website under the court clerk’s office at:

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