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June 15, 2013
Literary Lawyers

Richard “Jake” Jackson of Deland published Public Evangelism Under The First Amendment. The booklet was written as a legal article on First Amendment law as it pertains to the dissemination of religious messages in public places. Legal concepts and case law are combined with examples for illustration to help the reader understand the scope of the American concept of free speech and the limits on government’s authority to regulate speech. The booklet is distributed free of charge by Gospel Advocates, Inc. It is available at

Charles T. “Charley” Wells of GrayRobinson in Orlando and a former chief justice of the Florida Supreme Court, penned Inside Bush v. Gore. The 2000 presidential election is a milestone in American political history, but what really went on behind the scenes when the Florida Supreme Court stepped in? Wells was at the center of the controversial 36 days as he presided over the election cases which ultimately decided the next president of the United States. He provides the first full account from a judicial perspective on the election between George W. Bush and Al Gore. It is available at Barnes & Noble,, and

Malcolm Anderson of Dunnellon wrote Operation Odyssey. The story blends Biblical history and science fiction, taking readers back to the time of Jesus to reveal future technology. The book is available at bookstores,, and

John Daniel Nyce of Ft. Lauderdale penned The Proof of God’s Existence in the 7 “C’s” and Christian Handbook of Lists. The book attempts to prove the existence of Jehovah God of Israel, the God of the Christians and the Jews. It covers a host of topics — from doctrine to Nephilim to aliens — and personal experiences such as miracles, prophecies, life after death experiences, and suffering. The book is available at

Gerald B. Keane of Keane & Keane in Sarasota published the sixth edition of Florida Divorce Handbook. The book, in print since 1989, was completely rewritten for the sixth edition to reflect the recent changes in Florida divorce law. It is available at Barnes & Noble,, and Keane is also the author of Florida Law: A Layman’s Guide, which is in its fifth edition and has been in print since 1987. Additionally, he authored SomeWhere SomeTim, a time-travel novel, available at

John Nicholas Datesh of Naples published The Girl in the Coyote Coat. The novel follows young Adelaide Humphrys as she develops into, and proves herself to be, America’s fascinating and lethal answer to that other girl, so famous for her tattoo. The novel includes mystery, suspense, romance, and murder, but it is really about the seeping of corruption into businesses, personalities, and even hearts. The book is available at, Barnes & Noble, and

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