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September 1, 2013
Second DCA mandatory e-filing begins October 1

While the mandatory e-filing of criminal cases receives most of the attention as the kickoff date approaches, lawyers are also being reminded that October 1 is the start of mandatory electronic filing for the Second District Court of Appeal.

The Second DCA has been accepting voluntary electronic filing since August 16 as the court and the statewide online portal that handles electronic filing test software and systems in preparation for the oncoming deadline.

“Attorneys will be able to generate or submit new cases at the Second District Court of Appeal and they’ll be able to submit documents for cases already there, and they’ll be able to file before a case number is received, if necessary,” said Carolyn Weber, e-filing portal senior analyst/trainer.

Trial court clerks will be able, once a notice of appeal is filed with them, to submit a copy of that notice to the Second DCA as well as the copy of any order being appealed. That will enable the Second DCA “to generate a case number and get the case moving,” Weber said.

Clerks also will be able to submit an electronic record of the case, although that will be done through an Internet FTP site set up by the Office of the State Courts Administrator, not the portal.

The Second DCA becomes the second appellate court in the state to switch to electronic filing, following the Supreme Court, which required e-filing as of April 1. Electronic filing will be phased in at the four remaining district courts of appeal over the next several months.

For more information about e-filing in the Second DCA, visit the website of the Florida Courts E-Filing Authority at

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