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December 1, 2013
Amendments to Conference of Circuit Judges bylaws

The Florida Supreme Court, on its own motion, recently adopted amendments to Florida Rule of Judicial Administration 2.220(b) (Conference of Circuit Court Judges). See In re Amend. Fla. Rule Jud. Admin. 2.220(b), No. SC13-1702 (Fla. Oct. 31, 2013). The amendments are intended to bring the recently adopted rule into line with the Conference of Circuit Court Judges’ articles of incorporation and bylaws. The Court invites all interested persons to comment on the amendments, which are reproduced in full below, as well as online at All comments must be filed with the Court on or before December 30, 2013. If filed by an attorney in good standing with The Florida Bar, the comment must be electronically filed via the Portal in accordance with In re Electronic Filing in the Supreme Court of Florida via the Florida Courts E-Filing Portal, Fla. Admin. Order No. AOSC13-7 (Feb. 18, 2013). If filed by a non-lawyer or a lawyer not licensed to practice in Florida, the comment must be electronically filed via e-mail in accordance with In re Mandatory Submission of Electronic Copies of Documents, Fla. Admin. Order No. AOSC04-84 (Sept. 13, 2004). Electronically filed documents must be submitted in Microsoft Word 97 or higher. Any person unable to submit a comment electronically must mail or hand-deliver the originally signed comment to the Florida Supreme Court, Office of the Clerk, 500 South Duval Street, Tallahassee, Florida 32399-1927; no additional copies are required or will be accepted.




(a) [No Change]

(b) Conference of Circuit Court Judges.

(1) CreationOrganization. There shall be a “Conference of Circuit Court Judges of Florida,” consisting of the active and seniorretired circuit judges of the several judicial circuits of the state, excluding retired judges practicing law.

      (2) Purpose. The purpose of the conference shall be:

(A) the betterment of the judicial system of the state;

(B) the improvement of procedure and practice in the several courts;
    (C) to conduct conferences and institutes for continuing judicial education and to provide forums in which the circuit court judges of Florida may meet and discuss mutual problems and solutions; and
      (D) to provide input to the Unified Committee on Judicial Compensation on judicial compensation and benefit issues, and to assist the judicial branch in soliciting support and resources on these issues;.
        (E) to report to the Florida Supreme Court recommendations as the conference may have concerning the improvement of procedure and practice in the several courts;
          (F) to confer with the Florida Supreme Court regarding concerns the conference may have concerning the laws of this state affecting the administration of justice; and
            (G) to provide to the Florida Legislature recommendations as the conference may have concerning laws of this state affecting the administration of justice.

            (3) Officers. Management of the conference shall be vested in the officers of the conference, an executive committee, and a board of directors.

            (A) The officers of the conference shall be the chair, chair-elect, secretary, and treasurer.

            (i) the president, president-elect, immediate past president, secretary, and treasurer, who shall be elected at large; and
              (ii) one vice-president elected from each appellate court district.
                (B) The executive committee shall consist of the officers of the conference and an executive secretarysuch other members as the conference shall determine.
                  (C) The board of directors shall consist of the executive committee and a member elected from each judicial circuitmembership in one shall be identical to membership of the other.
                    (D) – (E) [No Change]
                        (4) [No Change]

                    (c) [No Change]

                    [Revised: 02-20-2017]