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March 1, 2013
Literary Lawyers

Michael W. Melvin of Ft. Lauderdale penned Practicing Life. The book, an autobiography, seeks to “entertain and inform with wisdom and wit, from its ‘Happy Days’ beginnings to the imparting of the author’s hard-earned secrets for attaining the right balance of success and happiness at all stages of the practice of life including school, career, and family.” Electronic versions of the book are available at, Barnes & Noble, and

Chris Kerr of Indian Rocks Beach co-authored RICO - How Politicians, Prosecutors, and the Mob Destroyed One of the FBI’s Finest Special Agents, with former FBI Assistant Director Joseph R. Wolfinger and investigative reporter Jerry Seper. In 2003 Paul Rico, a retired FBI agent and legendary organized crime investigator, was arrested at age 78 and charged with conspiring with “Whitey” Bulger in the 1981 murder of Tulsa Oklahoma-based millionaire Roger Wheeler. Rico died in jail before trial. An investigation by two retired agent/lawyers proved two things, that he was a great FBI agent and that he was not guilty, Kerr said. The book is available at and

Dennis J. Wall of Winter Springs and Orlando wrote Litigation and Prevention of Insurer Bad Faith and coauthored CATClaims: Insurance Coverage for Natural and Man-Made Disasters. Litigation and Prevention of Insurer Bad Faith addresses 4,500 cases and other legal authorities in print and online. CATClaims addresses insurance coverage issues arising after catastrophes such as Hurricane Sandy. Both books are available at

Daniel Webb of Vernis and Bowling in Jacksonville wrote His Accidency: The Race for the White House . . . After the Election. The book details a constitutional crisis that occurs when the president-elect dies before the Electoral College meets. This sets off a wild race for the presidency that includes a former president, the sitting president, the vice president-elect, and the party’s second choice at its convention. The central character is Bob MacKenzie, political strategist, who must negotiate the minefield to steer his candidate, the vice president-elect into office and to avoid surrendering the office to a dangerous demagogue. The book is available in print and electronic versions at Barnes & Noble and

Tamara R. Piety, associate dean of faculty development and professor at the University of Tulsa College of Law in Tulsa, Okla., published Brandishing the First Amendment: Commercial Speech in America. The book is available at

Mark Becker of Becker Mediation in Tallahassee wrote At Risk of Winning and No Corner to Hide, the first of the 12-part Max Masterson series. The books are stories of a renegade independent who runs for president of the United States. He doesn’t make speeches, never attends fund-raisers, and has a disdain for political tradition. “You could say he is the candidate who everyone wanted to vote for, but he was unavailable,” Becker said. The books are available at

Richard Duarte of Richard Duarte, P.A., in Miami penned Surviving Doomsday – A Guide for Surviving an Urban Disaster. The guide seeks to bring survival awareness into the mainstream by helping everyday people prepare to survive a natural, or manmade, urban disaster. It provides guidance on securing water, food, first-aid, sanitation, and security before, during, and after a crisis. The book is available at

Michael A. Tewell, of the Office of the Public Defender Sixth Judicial Circuit in Pinellas and Pasco counties, of Palm Harbor, wrote The Story in the Sky: The Twelve Eclipses of Jesus — The First Eclipse. The work centers on the question of whether Jesus existed, making use of astrology and modern science. The book travels back in time to the Zoroastrian Fire Temple of Azur Gusnasp in ancient Persia and stands in the shoes of the magi Gondophares as he witnesses first-hand the solar eclipse of January 15, 11 B.C. and the message hidden for more than 2,000 years. The book is available at

Sharifa Barnett of Cornelius, N.C., published The 5 Hair Archetypes: Your Guide to Growing Long Hair. The book seeks to present an innovative approach to help women recognize how their regimen, rather than their genes or hair type, affects the health and length of their hair. The book includes a quiz to help readers identify their archetype and suggested regimens that will yield results in 21 days. It is available at, Barnes & Noble, and

Russel Lazega of Florida Advocates in Dania Beach published the 10th edition of Florida Motor Vehicle No Fault Law & Practice (P.I.P.), covering the latest changes to Florida’s P.I.P. Law. It is available at

Martin A. Feigenbaum of Surfside penned Guardians of the Faith. The story follows University of Miami star basketball player Rayfeld “Liftoff” Lifton, who was headed for the pros until a knee injury wrecked his dreams so he decided to study the law. Now, after a dozen years as a Florida state prosecutor, he may have one last shot at glory if he can win a high-profile case against white supremacists under a controversial new hate crimes law. If all goes according to plan,
he just might become the first black state attorney. The book is available at
Barnes & Noble and

Michael Gordon of the University of Florida College of Law in Gainesville wrote Deadly Drifts, Crosses to Bear, and You’re Next. The series mixes Gordon’s interest in fly fishing with legal mysteries. The books are available at,, and

Steven A. Rajtar of Maitland published 25 books related to history, including detailed accounts of historic sites and hiking trails, guides to historic Florida cities, and collections of historical photos. Rajtar most recently published Historic Photos of Tampa in the 50s, 60s, and 70s and Winter Park Chronicles, a collection of articles covering the history of Winter Park and Rollins College. They are available at and

Paul Antinori of Tampa penned Convention: To Resurrect the U.S. Constitution, encouraging readers to petition their state legislatures to call on Congress for a constitutional convention to propose amendments to the Constitution. The amendments would “restore original meaning to clauses that have been damaged, expanded, or distorted,” Antinori said. The work also calls for reducing the federal government and allowing each state sovereign authority over its local and internal economic affairs. The book is available at

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