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August 1, 2012
Barry U. gets funds for kids

Carrie Lee and and Fourth Circuit PD Matt Shirk The Juvenile Justice Center at Barry University School of Law has received $250,000 from the Legislature to continue to improve the quality of representation for children. The center provides training and consultation to state employees, including judges, probation officers, public defenders, conflict counsel, and guardian ad litem attorneys who advocate for children in Florida.

“We’ve had great support from private foundations, but what the foundations kept saying was, ‘You’re training state courts, but that is a state responsibility to carry on the successful model,’” said Gerry Glynn, director of clinical programs at Barry University’s law school.

The funding was great news for Carrie Lee, the director of the four-year-old Juvenile Justice Center.

“We do monthly CLEs, where the attorneys can call in, and then twice a year we do live training on site,” Lee said.

“This funding will allow the center to remain vigilant that children deserve representation that is worthy and creates positive outcomes for the children, their families, and the communities in which they live.”

The Juvenile Justice Center partnered with the Southern Juvenile Defender Center and the Florida Public Defender Association to host the Southern Juvenile Defender Center Leadership Summit in Jacksonville in late June. Eighty leaders from seven states heard from speakers that included Lee, Glynn, Rey Banks of the National Juvenile Defender Center, Danielle Lipow of the Annie E. Casey Foundation, and David Utter of the Southern Poverty Law Center on topics that included “Race and Justice in the System”; “The Role of Defenders Dismantling the School to Prison Pipeline”; and “How to Get Involved and Make Policy Work in Your State.” Participants attended workshops to learn about cross-examination techniques and dispositional advocacy endorsed by the National Juvenile Defender Center’s Juvenile Immersion Training Protocols.

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