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October 1, 2013
Lawyers support Irishwaterdogs Warriors

One day per month a number of Jacksonville and St. Augustine attorneys volunteer their time and support to the Irishwaterdogs Warriors, a program aimed at veterans and first responders that focuses on kayaking, kayak fishing, hiking, camping, and outdoor photography, with the goal of bringing calm and peace to service personnel, some of whom have lost limbs or experience post-traumatic stress disorder.

“It’s amazing how these attorneys sacrifice time from their busy caseloads to help and thank local area veterans on the first Sunday of every month,” said Dave McDaid, founder of the Irishwaterdogs Warrior Program. “Not only do they volunteer their time individually — like Nicole Jamieson, Whitney Lonker, and Josh LaBoeuf — but sponsorships from the Yau Law Firm and individual sponsorships from attorneys Cody Westmoreland and Beth Stockdale help ensure the continuation of our outreach program.”

Under the warriors program, Irishwaterdogs host outdoor adventure opportunities for veterans free of charge.

McDaid describes the warriors program as a tribute: “It’s a way to give thanks to those who have given so much.”

For additional information, to volunteer, sponsor an event, or sponsor one of the many kayaks used in the program, contact Karen at the Irishwaterdogs at (352) 317-7458 or visit

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