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July 1, 2012
Steele to lead law admissions council

Nova Southeastern University’s Athornia Steele, dean of the Shepard Broad Law Center, has become chair-elect of the Law School Admission Council.

Athornia Steele Steele, a former member of the faculty at Capital University Law School, became the dean at NSU’s Law Center in 2008.

Dean Steele has been active with the council since 1997, serving three terms on its board of trustees and as a member of the organization’s Minority Affairs Committee (including as its chair in 2005-07), Test Development and Research Committee, Finance and Legal Affairs Committee, Audit Committee, and Nominating Committee. He also has participated in several special workgroups including academic assistance training, workshop planning, and the skills readiness inventory workgroups.

The Law School Admission Council is a nonprofit corporation that provides state-of-the-art products and services to ease the admission process for law schools and their applicants worldwide. It was founded in 1947 to create and administer the law school admission test. Since its founding, LSAC has grown and provides a number of services for students seeking admission to law school and for its member schools, including such services as the credential assembly service, candidate referral service, law school recruitment forums, diversity initiatives, and test preparation materials.

Dean Steele will serve one year as chair-elect, two years as chair, and one additional year as the immediate past chair.

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