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December 15, 2012

THE PALM BEACH COUNTY BAR participated in the Annual Kozyak Minority Mentoring Picnic in Hialeah. The picnic provides minority law students the opportunity to network with lawyers and judges throughout the state and to be paired with a mentor. Shortly before the picnic, the entire board of directors for the PBCBA committed to serve as minority mentors. “We are hopeful that the PBCBA board’s commitment to serve as mentors will assist minority law students who have an interest in Palm Beach County and show that PBCBA is 100 percent committed to embracing diversity in its legal community,” said Adam Rabin, PBCBA’s president. Immediate Past President John Howe added: “Getting to know young law students at the picnic helps me know that I am doing more than just my job. It’s rewarding that I am able to reach out and help someone with his or her promising legal career.” The Kozyak Mentoring Foundation provides assistance and support to minorities interested in pursuing legal careers, mentoring programs, networking opportunities, and limited financial aid. The foundation takes primary responsibility for finding experienced lawyers and judges to mentor minority law students at every law school in Florida. “Our board’s willingness to serve as minority mentors is a testament to our bar’s belief in promoting lawyer diversity within our community,” said Sia Baker-Barnes, Palm Beach County Bar Association’s co-chair for its Diversity and Inclusion Committee. From the left are Sarah Shullman, Edrick Barnes, Baker-Barnes, Rabin, W. Mason, Jessica Callow Mason, Chioma Deere, and Joseph Lee.

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