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September 15, 2012
Judge Perry wins Hoeveler Award

Chief Judge PerryNinth Circuit Chief Judge Belvin Perry was presented with the 2012 William M. Hoeveler Judicial Award for exemplifying “not merely competence, but dedication to the ideals of justice and demonstrated diligence in inspiring others to the mission of professionalism.”

The award was presented to Perry, who has been elected chief judge by his peers nine times, by Sean Desmond, chair of The Florida Bar’s Standing Committee on Professionalism.

“As chief judge of the Ninth Circuit, Perry has demonstrated leadership and innovative skills,” according to the committee. “He instituted the creation of the Business Court Division to handle complex commercial cases and introduced new technologies. Recently, while sitting in the criminal division, Judge Perry presided over the Casey Anthony murder trial, a case which garnered such intense national scrutiny that some questioned whether the defendant could obtain a fair trial. Judge Perry kept a firm hand on the conduct of the lawyers while modeling the very best qualities of a judge despite the intense spotlight. For that moment, Judge Perry was the face of the judiciary and brought great credit to himself and his profession.”

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