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March 15, 2011
Community service

FLORIDA BAR BOARD OF GOVERNORS members picked up shovels, paintbrushes, brooms, and mops recently to help spruce up the Tallahassee Developmental Center. It was the third time this fiscal year board members participated in a community service project in conjunction with a board meeting. The Tallahassee Developmental Center is home to adults with developmental disabilities who are served by the Office of Public Guardian, a local nonprofit agency providing guardianship services to low-income, incapacitated adults. Led by Florida Bar President Mayanne Downs, the board volunteers helped to hang blinds, paint porches, replace bedding, and improve landscaping. Also lending a hand were Public Guardian Executive Director Karen Campbell and Tallahassee Women Lawyers’ President Twyla Sketchley. Among the jobs volunteers took on was assembling birdbaths and nearly a dozen large planters that residents will fill with plants and place at the doors of their residential buildings. The project was specifically designed to allow residents to contribute their own tastes to beautifying their home. Although the project lasted only a couple of hours, because of the number of volunteers, the Board of Governors contributed more than 40 hours of labor to the project. Tallahassee Developmental Center is an intermediate-care facility for individuals who need help in most or all aspects of daily living. Most do not have families to assist them. Because their limited incomes go for care, there is no money for improving their residential quarters. The result: worn comforters, sagging mattresses, and rooms in need of new coats of paint. As volunteers wrapped up their work, Campbell told of a resident who had been hospitalized. While regaining her health, her room underwent a transformation: getting new paint, bedding, and blinds in her favorite color, pink. Campbell said such a revitalized room was sure to aid the resident in her recovery. Pictured above facing the camera is Tallahassee board member Larry Sellers and two other volunteers. For more information about the Office of Public Guardian, Inc., visit or call Karen Campbell at (850) 487-4609.

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