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August 1, 2012

Pictured from the left are Rishi Bagga, Justice James Perry, Gene Pettis, and Sumeet Chugani
THE SOUTH ASIAN BAR ASSOCIATION OF FLORIDA for the first time held its Midyear Meeting in conjunction with The Florida Bar’s Annual Convention in June. SABA members and guests discussed future goals of diversity and inclusion, and strategies to assimilate the growing South Asian bar members into Florida’s legal community. Florida Bar Immediate Past President Scott Hawkins, President Gwynne Young, President-elect Gene Pettis, and Justice James E.C. Perry also attended the meeting, providing words of encouragement and advice. SABA’s Orlando chapter hosted SABA members and their guests to an evening of networking at Ember in downtown Orlando. SABA now boasts more than 80 members. This fall, SABA will hold its diversity leadership forum in Miami to further highlight the issues faced by South Asian American attorneys and law students. The forum will be held in conjunction with the annual Kozyak Minority Mentoring Picnic. Pictured from the left are Rishi Bagga, Justice Perry, Pettis, and Sumeet Chugani. For more information about SABA, visit or email SABA’s President Chugani, at

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