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January 1, 2013
Literary Lawyers

Wendi Adelson, of the Florida State University College of Law in Tallahassee, published This is Our Story, a novel about human trafficking in the United States that follows two young women who become victims of human trafficking when duped into domestic servitude and commercial sexual exploitation in the Southeast. Adelson maintains a blog about human trafficking at A Facebook page for the book is at The novel is available in print and electronic versions from and

Jessie Harrell of Creed & Gowdy in Jacksonville published Destined, a young adult retelling of the Greek myth of Eros and Psyche. Destined is a story of twisted prophecies, first love, and the courage to defy the gods, the book is written to appeal to teenagers and adults who enjoy paranormal romance or Greek mythology. The book is available in print and electronic versions from Barnes & Noble,,,, and the iBooks app.

Robert F. Williams, of Rutgers Law School in Camden, N.J., published the second edition of The New Jersey State Constitution. The book contains a detailed historical overview of the New Jersey Constitution’s history, together with a section-by-section analysis of the current constitution and a bibliographical essay. It is part of a 50-state series on state constitutions published by Oxford University Press. The book may be purchased from

William Eleazer, of Elex Publishers, Inc., in St. Petersburg, wrote The Indictments, a legal thriller. The story details a brazen robbery at one of the finest restaurants in Savannah that results in the death of a teenage girl and murder indictments against two defendants. An assistant district attorney’s attempt to dismiss one indictment results in threats to both his career and life. The book is available in print and electronic versions from and

Paul Turk of Wellington wrote Faith Beyond the Trials, Trials of Hope, and Love on Trial. The trilogy follows the lives of a Palm Beach attorney and his wife, a teacher. The first story involves a felony DUI and civil lawsuit. The second involves two wealthy siblings embroiled in a $500 million contest over their parents’ estates. The third work details a divorce and child custody battle. Turk worked as a trial attorney in West Palm Beach for 30 years before changing careers in 2009 to become an author of Christian-based, fictional novels. The trilogy is available in print and electronic versions from Barnes & Noble,, and

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