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June 1, 2013
Literary Lawyers

Marshall Shapo of Evanston, Ill., wrote An Injury Law Constitution. The book argues that the body of law that Americans have developed concerning responsibility for injuries and prevention of injuries has some of the qualities of a constitution — a fundamental set of principles that govern relations between human persons and between individual persons and corporate and governmental institutions. The historical frame reaches back to Aristotle and goes forward to European human rights law. In the modern American legal environment, this “injury law constitution” includes tort law, legislative compensation systems like workers’ compensation, and the many statutes that regulate safety of activities and of products, including drugs, medical devices, automobile design, and pesticides. The work weaves the history of these systems of law into an analysis that it links to the unique compensation plan devised for the victims of the September 11 attacks. The book examines how our injury law constitution reflects deeply held views in American society on risk and injury. It is available at and

Laurie Hannan Anton of Cape Coral published Lipstick Tunnel under the pen name Casey Lane. The first in a trilogy, the book tells the story of Elena, a lawyer who finds out she must move across the country to keep her marriage. With the help of her law partner and some makeup magic, she turns into the woman lurking beneath the surface. The book is available at Barnes & Noble,, and through iBooks.

Donald F. Kaltenbach of Sarasota penned Prostate Cancer Armed and Ready: A Survival Guide to Diagnosis, Treatment and Recovery. The book provides a thorough discussion of treatment options, risks, and effectiveness for each stage of prostate cancer, including recurrence, and includes essential questions to ask the doctor. It contains a medical glossary and lists of support organizations for prostate cancer patients and their families. Kaltenbach is a prostate cancer survivor and activist. He co-founded a prostate cancer center in Sarasota and also founded a nonprofit to inform and educate the public about the disease. The book is available at

Brandon S. Peters of imMEDIATE RESOLUTION in Orlando published How to Select the Best Mediator – A Guide for Legal Professionals. The book provides basic information about the institution of mediation from the lawyer’s viewpoint. It emphasizes the importance of selecting the best mediators for individual cases; helps clarify often confusing issues regarding the best mediation approaches and styles for specific types of legal disputes; and provides insight into the personal and professional characteristics the most successful mediators have in common. The book is available at

Doug Dorsey, an assistant state attorney in Jacksonville, wrote Never Alone. The novel follows Danny O’Neal and five of his closest friends, who are first-year prosecuting attorneys doing their best to make a difference in the justice system. The challenges they face in the courtroom are nothing compared to those they experience on a simple cave exploration trip gone horribly wrong. Now the only thing standing in the way of a terrifying fate in the darkest of places is Danny’s unwavering faith in God. The book is available at Barnes & Noble,,, and through iBooks.

Timothy J. McDermott of Akerman Senterfitt in Jacksonville published Deadly Propensity, a legal thriller novel set in South Florida. After being fired by his law firm due to internal politics, with collusion from his long-time motor vehicle manufacturer client, attorney Michael Culhane takes on the battle of his career when he sues the former client/manufacturer for a suspected stability design defect in its newly released SUV that resulted in the death of a young mother and severe injuries to her infant son. With mounting problems on all fronts, and as the trial unfolds, Culhane needs a long shot to pull it out. Can he do it? The book is available at, Barnes & Noble, and

Gregory S. Burdick of West Palm Beach wrote Bonampak: Maya Dreams. The book details Burdick’s travels through the Lacandon rain forest in southern Mexico by horseback in 1975. It is available at

Thomas Tansey of Ft. Lauderdale published Tracking the Dinosaurs: Unraveling the Mystery. The book recounts the author’s experiences in the western United States excavating dinosaurs from the Jurassic and the Cretaceous periods as a member of teams led by world-renowned dinosaur paleontologists. It is available at

Rodney Earl Walton, a professor at Florida International University, wrote Big Guns Brave Men: Mobile Artillery Observers and the Battle for Okinawa. Although it was the largest and final battle of the Pacific War, the Battle for Okinawa has long been overshadowed by other dramatic events in 1945. The books that have been written about it emphasize the role of infantrymen, armor, and U.S. Marines. This work takes a fresh perspective and focuses on the vital role played by the U.S. Army’s forward artillery observers — the eyes and ears of American artillery who were among the least recognized heroes of the war. Walton, the son of one of the forward observers on Okinawa, spent more than 20 years investigating what happened to his father and other artillerymen during the conflict. Interviews with the artillerymen and the infantrymen they supported are central to his story, which is filled with gripping and sometimes humorous accounts of what happened. The book is available at Barnes & Noble and

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