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June 1, 2012
Holloway joins the board as a public member

Clearwater Police Chief Anthony Holloway will become the newest public member on The Florida Bar’s Board of Governors.

Anthony Holloway Holloway was appointed last month by the Florida Supreme Court, who picked him from among three finalists submitted by the board.

Holloway will succeed public member Alvin Alsobrook, who is retiring after serving the maximum two terms allowed by Bar rules. He will join Winston “Bud” Gardner as the second public board member.

In his application to become a public member, Holloway, 50, noted his 25 years of law enforcement experience, including serving as police chief in Somerville, MA, as well as Clearwater, and working closely with lawyers in several fields.

“The vast majority of lawyers with whom I have had contact demonstrate high levels of integrity and exceptional professionalism. Florida’s lawyers are well-educated and hard- working, and they reflect well on the legal system. Considering the insulated nature of the law and the fact that most citizens’ interaction with attorneys is during a time of distress and confusion, there is significant value in having a public member of the board who understands things from a nonlawyer citizen’s perspective but also understands how the legal system functions and why it functions in the way that it does,” Holloway wrote.

“I believe, as a career law enforcement professional and person who is involved in the community, my knowledge and experience would play a vital role in the work of the board and would help the board see things from a different perspective. I also believe that if I am selected for the position, my interaction with the community would enable me to give nonlawyers a better understanding of the work of the board and would enhance their confidence in the functions of the board and the legal profession and perhaps lead to greater understanding of the legal profession and the legal system.”

Holloway has received the Allen G. Moore Gold Badge twice from the Clearwater Bar Association, which honors law enforcement officials who uphold the ideals and objectives of the legal system. He has also served on a Sixth Circuit Bar grievance committee, and received his B.A. from Eckerd College and his M.B.A. from the University of Phoenix. Among many civil and professional activities, Holloway is a member of the International Police Chiefs Association and the F.B.I. Joint Terrorism Task Force.

Holloway will be sworn in, along with other new and reelected board members, at the Bar’s Annual Convention later this month.

The other two finalists for the public member seat were Connie Bookman of Pensacola, executive director of Pathways for Change, and Florida Keys Community College President Lawrence Tyree.

Two public members have served on the 52-member Board of Governors since 1987, after the Supreme Court approved the Bar’s request for public representation on the board.

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