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Board approves Foundation loan

Greg ColemanTerms for a $6 million loan to the financially strapped Florida Bar Foundation have been approved by the Bar Board of Governors. The board at its July 25 meeting in Palm Beach approved the loan terms recommended by its Investment Committee, which include that the loan can be secured by the Foundation’s IOTA revenues.

Family Law Section to weigh in on same-sex divorce in Florida
Can a lesbian couple married in another state get a divorce in Florida? The Family Law Section has been given permission by the Bar Board of Governors to file an amicus brief in an appeal of 13th Circuit Judge Laurel Lee’s order, where she said she lacked authority under the Florida Constitution and state law to grant divorces to same-sex couples.

Should judicial candidates personally solicit funds?
The U.S. Supreme Court has asked The Florida Bar to respond to an appeal that challenges the judicial canon prohibiting in-person solicitation of campaign contributions by judicial candidates.

'In 10 years, UPL will be a dead letter'
Lanse ScrivenFt. Lauderdale attorney Adele Stone mused on the irony of grumblings about there being too many lawyers, while most of the legal needs of the poor and middle class go unmet. Board of Governors member Lanse Scriven talked about 14 states that now use a common bar exam, and a person passing the exam can get a license in any of those states. And in Toronto, he said, Walmart is offering legal services.

How are local professionalism panels working?
“It works because we care, and we let them know we care.” West Palm Beach attorney David Prather identified that as the key to the 15th Circuit’s Local Professionalism Panel, set up under the Supreme Court’s Commission on Professionalism’s plan to have a local means of addressing lawyers’ professional conduct.

Proposed 'past results' advertising revision on hold until December
Carl Schwait“A proposal to revise the Bar’s guidelines on using past results in lawyer advertisements has been delayed until at least december. Board Review Committee on Professional Ethics Chair Carl Schwait told the Board of Governors last month that the committee was reluctant to change the guidelines because they had already been modified once since they were adopted last December.

Annette Boyd Pitts, Justice Sandra Day O’Connor, and Justice Fred Lewis
SUPREME COURT JUSTICE FRED LEWIS, right, and Annette Boyd Pitts, left, executive director of the Florida Law Related Education Association, received the Sandra Day O’Connor Award for the Advancement of Civics Education.

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    Gregory W. Coleman: President of The Florida Bar
    The Florida Bar JournalSurfing when the wind whips up big waves. Skiing behind a Mako fishing boat. Fishing, diving, swimming, and hanging out at the beach with friends.

    When you’re a kid living on Singer Island north of Palm Beach, there are plenty of saltwater amusements. Teenaged Greg Coleman, with sun-bleached hair and a golden tan, knew that all too well. And he had the incriminating report card from The Benjamin School to prove it: straight C’s.

    “Son, you need to curtail some of these activities, or I am going to find a place for you to go to school where you don’t have these distractions,” Bill Coleman warned his son....

    August 15, 2014
    Pictured at the podium is Judge Margaret Schreiber.
    THE CENTRAL FLORIDA ASSOCIATION FOR WOMEN LAWYERS hosted a Judicial Candidate Forum in July at the Citrus Club in Orlando. Hundreds of brightly colored flyers, cards, stickers, and pamphlets decorated the banquet room tables as 26 judicial candidates from the Ninth and 18th circuits courted voters.

    A dozen years later, a cause to celebrate
    The hard-fought battle and long wait to give children lawyers in dependency court was cause for celebration at the Legal Needs of Children Committee meeting. The Legislature passed and Gov. Scott signed into law a $4.5 million appropriation and statutory authorization for lawyers to assist the most vulnerable children with special needs in five categories.

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    Judge Cynthia Newton
    JUDGE CYNTHIA NEWTON of Clearwater fulfilled a dream when she braved choppy waters and gusty winds to complete her first Ironman competition in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho.

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