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January 1, 2014
Kuvin to lead Bar Examiners

By Megan E. Davis
Associate Editor

During his coming year as leader of the Florida Board of Bar Examiners, Lawrence P. Kuvin said he hopes to reenergize the board by encouraging more lawyers to seek involvement with the FBBE.

Lawrence P. Kuvin “In the past, for some reason, we’ve not been getting a good number of lawyers applying to join the board,” said Kuvin, who was recently elected board chair.

Kuvin’s initiative is similar to efforts by Bar President Eugene Pettis and President-elect Greg Coleman to seek a larger and more diverse pool of applicants for Bar committees.

To spur interest, Kuvin said he plans to speak personally with lawyers he meets in the course of his practice about becoming involved in the admissions process.

“I’m a full-time mediator and busy pretty most every day,” he said. “Every time I find a lawyer in one of my mediations who I think will be a good applicant, I talk to them privately and will follow up to make sure they apply in October.”

When Kuvin’s term ends October 31, the board will have two open positions for lawyers.

Kuvin, a mediator with Florida Mediation Group and former partner with Kuvin & Stettin in Ft. Lauderdale, said he became involved with the board to “give back for all the good years they gave me as a lawyer.”

“Among other things, the board interviews applicants who have gotten themselves into trouble in the years before they went to law school or during law school,” he said. “We interview them to find out what happened and why it was done, and then we have decisions to make as to whether we want to send them to formal hearings, do specifications against them, or even withhold their admittance for between two and five years.”

It’s work he takes very seriously, Kuvin said.

“It’s a big deal and it takes a lot of time,” he said. “We try to prevent someone from becoming a lawyer if they’ve had problems in the past, like with drugs, alcohol, or credit issues. We cannot totally stop them, but we try very hard to teach them what the right thing to do is when they become lawyers.”

Kuvin is a member of the Federation of Insurance & Corporate Counsel, served as chair of the Bar’s Ad hoc Committee for Legal Malpractice Insurance, and was a member of the Dade County and Broward County Trial Lawyers Association and the American Board of Trial Lawyers.

The FBBE also made the following appointments:

* Daryle M. Manning, of Tampa, vice chair. Manning is an assistant attorney general at the Office of the Florida Attorney General.

* Miles A. McGrane III, of Miami, member. McGrane, of the McGrane Law Firm, is a past president of The Florida Bar.

* Elizabeth J. Walters, of Panama City Beach, member.

* Nancy McClain Alfonso, of Zephyrhills, member.

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