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May 15, 2013
Bar releases mobile apps

The Florida Bar now has free apps for iOS (iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch) and Android devices that provide current Bar news and a quick member look-up. It also has for the first time released a custom app for the 2013 Florida Bar Annual Convention.

The latest version of The Florida Bar app is now the base where other apps and mobilized pages that connect with the Bar’s website will be added. The Bar News app features top/breaking news, automatic content updates, the most recent News articles, classified ads with direct dial and email, favorites tagging, and share capability via email.
The Find a Lawyer app provides a quick look-up of Bar members and features direct dialing of phone numbers from smartphones and a link to email addresses for smart phones and mobile devices.

The 2013 Florida Bar Annual Convention app is also now available. The custom app provides convention schedules in several formats, information on seminars and speakers, exhibitors and sponsors with links and maps of the facility, and bios of speakers. Through it, a personal schedule can be set up. It is also linked to the Bar’s Facebook page and Twitter feed to keep attendees up to date on the latest convention happenings.

For more information and links to download The Florida Bar app and the 2013 Annual Convention app, visit

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