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June 15, 2014

DiveBar President Dave Black
WITH MORE THAN 1,000 STAGHORN coral fragments in water barrels on the deck of their dive boat, DiveBar members strapped on their scuba tanks, grabbed their tools, and jumped in. The result? DiveBar Reef, an underwater oasis on a once-barren stretch of reef off Broward County. “It will become a colorful, productive new reef that will attract fish and other ocean life,” said Dave Black, president of DiveBar, pictured planting the 1,000th coral on DiveBar Reef. “It’s good for the ocean and it’s great for divers, who get to contribute something to the reef system that hosts so many fun and memorable experiences.” The project was the result of hard work by South Florida legal professionals and the Nova Southeastern University Oceanographic Center team. In the first three months of 2014, DiveBar and the NSU Oceanographic Center made several dive trips to the underwater site to outplant the staghorn coral fragments. The fragments used for DiveBar Reef were taken from corals grown in the NSU Oceanographic Center’s offshore nursery, which DiveBar also supports. NSU researchers will study the coral growth and the change in fish populations to help build its body of research on coral reef restoration. Learn more about DiveBar at

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