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June 15, 2014
Eric Maclure, Lisa Goodner and Blan Teagle

RETIRING STATE COURTS ADMINISTRATOR Lisa Goodner receives an “OSCA” for lifetime achievement from Deputy State Court Administrators Blan Teagle, right, and Eric Maclure during a lighthearted moment at a ceremonial session of the Florida Supreme Court in Tallahassee June 4 honoring her career. “You are not only good at what you do, you are truly extraordinary — best recognized not by just us here at the court, but by whoever you come in contact with and nationally in the state courts system,” Chief Justice Ricky Polston said. “Your judgment is spot on and you have incredible strength, but are always under control. . . . Lisa, it is my deepest honor and privilege to have worked with you. Your skills truly are exceptional.” Serving 35 years in state government, Goodner began her career in the judicial branch in 1990 and served as a deputy state courts administrator from 1993 until 2003, when she was promoted to state courts administrator. Along with addressing budget reductions during lean budget years, in a manner that resulted in the least disruption possible of the courts system’s ability to serve the families and businesses of the state, Goodner also oversaw the development and implementation of an emergency preparedness plan that has been a model for courts nationwide and worked to implement “Revision 7,” which required the state to assume greater responsibility for funding the courts system.

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