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October 15, 2013
Vision 2016 commission

The Vision 2016 commission will perform an in-depth review of four general areas that will impact the future practice of law in Florida: legal education, technology, Bar admissions, and delivery of legal services/pro bono. The commission will look at the current impact, as well as the long-term challenges that the legal profession will face. This comprehensive study will provide the foundation to “prepare today’s lawyer for tomorrow’s practice.”

Jay Cohen, Ft. Lauderdale, overall administrator

Martha Barnett, Tallahassee, special counsel

Legal Education Group
Ramón A. Abadin, chair, Miami

Debra Moss Curtis, vice chair, Ft. Lauderdale

R. Alexander Acosta, Miami

Emmett Lamar Battles, Tampa

Raoul G. Cantero III, Miami

Ross Mathew Goodman, Pensacola

Scott G. Hawkins, West Palm Beach

Janeia Daniels Ingram, Tallahassee

Robert H. Jerry II, Gainesville

Bradford D. Kaufman, West Palm Beach

Danielle M. Kaye, Ft. Lauderdale

George F. Knox, Jr., Miami

Charles B. Morton, Jr., Lauderhill

Christopher M. Pietruszkiewicz, Gulfport

Carl B. Schwait, Gainesville

Ashley Nona Sybesma, Ft. Lauderdale

Technology Group
Gregory Coleman, chair, West Palm Beach

John Stewart, vice chair, Vero Beach

Joseph Arnold Corsmeier, Clearwater

Vivian Caridad de las Cuevas, Miami

Sean Timothy Desmond, Tallahassee

Cleveland Ferguson III, Jacksonville

Gordon Johnson Glover, Ocala

Carol Nadine Green, Miami

Thomas Dale Hall, Tallahassee

Claude Robert Hilliard, Milton

Kevin David Johnson, Tampa

Mac Richard McCoy, Tampa

Lisa Taylor Munyon, Orlando

Gonzalo Perez, Ft. Lauderdale

Leroy Pernell, Orlando

John Jacob Schickel, Jacksonville

Renée Elise Thompson, Ocala

Bar Admissions Group
Lansing C. Scriven, chair, Tampa

Gail E. Sasnett, vice chair, Gainesville

Patrice Faith Behnstedt, Bartow

Timothy P. Chinaris, Montgomery

Ian M. Comisky, Philadelphia

Susan Smotherman Demers, Clearwater

Franklin Reese Harrison, Panama City

Kimberly Joy Kanoff, Ft. Lauderdale

Jennifer Rene Kuyrkendall, Live Oak

Andrew Joshua Markus, Miami

Katherine Hurst Miller, Daytona Beach

Edward Maurice Mullins, Miami

Michelle Marie R. Rehwinkel, Tallahassee

D. Culver Smith III, West Palm Beach

Martin Jay Sperry, Plantation

Gilbert Kirk Squires, Miami Beach

Delivery of Legal Services/Pro Bono Group
Adele I. Stone, chair, Ft. Lauderdale

Julio Cesar Jaramillo, vice chair, Miami

Jennifer Drechsel Bailey, Miami

Robert A. Bertisch, West Palm Beach

Bruce Beuford Blackwell, Orlando

Alan B. Bookman, Pensacola

Benjamin Andrew Carpenter, Kissimmee

Marcelyn R. Cox, Coral Gables

Paul C. Doyle, Jacksonville

Michael M. Fields, Tallahassee

John Dudley Goodlette, Naples

Jay Kim, Ft. Lauderdale

Sharon Lynne Langer, Miami,

Kathleen Schin McLeroy, Tampa

Nishit Virendra Patel, Sarasota

Theodore Washington Small, Jr., Deland

William A. VanNortwick, Jr., Tallahassee

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