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June 15, 2014
Literary Lawyers

Wayne Pearsall of Cleveland wrote Another Typical Cleveland Experience (and Other Tales of a Baseball Junkie). The book is available at

Doug Dorsey of Jacksonville wrote Broken Hero, the second in a series beginning with Never Alone. After a terrifying experience lost in the dark recesses of a cavern, Erin Maddox emerges a stronger person. Her newfound resolve quickly serves her well as a prosecuting attorney. A feared drug lord has introduced a new substance called Hypnotic into the market, and the addictive effects are devastating. As more become enslaved by the drug’s almost supernatural qualities, Erin learns an unlikely team — a drifter and a cop — need her help to put an end to the intensifying evil. Each step only seems to bring the trio closer to certain death, but, with God guiding their way, there is always hope. The book is available at Barnes & Noble and

Rebecca Taylor of Coral Springs published Civil Rights Litigation: Representing Plaintiffs Today. The book seeks to help lawyers, their clients, and the general public negotiate the field of civil rights law in the social and political climate of America FBI wife, Annie Cameron, who faces unacceptable alternatives in order to protect those she loves. In choosing, she is condemned to a secret life of deception and fear, sprinkled with a touch of romance, suspense, and the unexpected. It is available at and

Albert L. Kelley of Key West wrote Basics of . . . Business Law. The book is based on college courses the author taught over several years, and includes everything from contracts to copyrights, leases to evictions, limited partnerships to subchapter-S corporations, employment laws to labor disputes, property ownership to mortgages, all told in simple language. The book is the first of a new Amazing eBooks’ “Basics of . . .” series. It is available at Barnes & Noble,, and

Bruce Berman of Miami published a 2014 edition of Berman’s Florida Civil Procedure. The book analyzes civil procedure on a rule-by-rule basis with all rules cross-referenced to the most recent court opinions. There is extensive coverage on class actions, offers of judgment, the forum non conveniens rule, and current electronic filing provisions. The text includes the latest procedural issues, rule amendments, and thousands of citations to the most recent cases. The work also compares Florida and federal practice, including references to the local rules of each of the three federal district courts in the state. Updates in the new edition include changes made by the Florida Supreme Court in November 2013, adopting new rules and new subdivisions of existing rules and modifying existing rules on privacy issues, court communications with jurors, the already complex rule for proposals for settlement, postrial deadlines, the magistrate rule, and postjudgment discovery. It is available at

Russell S. Buhite of Tampa co-authored the 11th Circuit chapter of the 5th edition of ERISA Survey of Federal Circuits, which is published by the America Bar Association Tort Trial and Insurance Practice Section. The ERISA Survey of Federal Circuits serves as an annual reference and addresses issues that frequently arise in the prosecution and defense of claims for ERISA-regulated benefits. It is also a project of the Health and Disability Insurance Law Committee. It is available at

David Rosemberg of Miami co-wrote the 2014 edition of Recent Trends in Trademark Protection. In his chapter, Rosemberg focuses on contributory infringement, outlining the anatomy of a trademark infringement case and provides key takeaways for brand owners. The book is available at

Gregory G. Gay of New Port Richey published an eighth edition of the Florida Senior Legal Guide. The guide details the 2014 Medicaid Nursing Home Eligibility Standards, veterans’ benefit and eligibility standards, Florida’s durable power of attorney and living will statutes, Florida wills and trusts, inherited IRA’s and the conduit IRA trust laws, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, federal estate and gift taxation and the portability exemption, prenuptial agreements and a surviving spouse’s homestead rights, a family allowance, exempt property and an elective share. It is available

Kathy Johnson of Boca Raton has published What a Babe, which welcomes Lil’ Lilly to Johnson’s Starlette Universe, a virtual girl-world that encourages character development in youth. Pre-schoolers are brought to the Starlette Universe audience as Lilly wonderingly discovers the baby world around her. Lil’ Lilly fits into the Starlette Universe middle-grade book series, continuing the good-vs.-evil theme prevalent throughout the storyline. The book is available at Amazon and Kindle.

Keith Grossman of Grossman Law & Conflict Management in Ft. Myers has published an e-book titled What Is a Peace Chest?, available for the Amazon Kindle reader.

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