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June 15, 2014
West Central Florida Chapter of the ACC volunteers

THE WEST CENTRAL FLORIDA CHAPTER OF THE ASSOCIATION OF CORPORATE COUNSEL volunteered with Big Cat Rescue in Tampa clearing land and helping with an upcoming expansion. Most of the group spent the day clearing land. Big Cat recently purchased some additional land behind its property and plans to use it to build new housing for their interns and to move the bobcat rehabilitation facility from the front of the property to the back. There is condo construction starting near the rehab facility’s current location, and the noise is disturbing to the recuperating bobcats. A smaller group of volunteers spent the day cutting wire mesh for the cat enclosures. Those participating included
Kim Limer, Donna Pierce, Kathy Morgan, Cristin Keane, Cal Everett, Jessica Morgan, Jeff Morgan, Jeanetta Brown, Gary Morgan, Gail Conolly, Steve Limer, Todd Bowman, Melissa Zepeda, Sam Hijab, Adam Schwartz, Jennifer Bumbalough, and Bruce Illes. The chapter’s next community service event will be June 21 at the local Ronald McDonald House.

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