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Organized 1973-74

The Family Law Section provides information to its members and the public with information on attorneys who practice in the areas of divorce, parenting and timesharing matters, adoption, prenuptial and postnuptial agreements, and modification and enforcement of judgments, including those which involve alimony and child support. Family law includes the legal issues which arise from the relationships of husband and wife and parents and children, and the litigation and resolution of civil controversies which are brought forth as a result of those relationships. Marital and family law includes evaluating, managing, and resolving these conflicts before the institution of lawsuits, both pre- and postjudgment, as well as the pretrial and trial process.

    OFFICERS 2013-2014:
      Ms. Elisha D. Roy, Chair
      Elisha D Roy, PA
      1601 Forum Pl Ste 505
      West Palm Beach, FL 33401-8103

      Mr. Norberto Sergio Katz, Chair-elect
      931 N Thistle Ln
      Maitland, FL 32751-3736

      Dues: $55 for Section Members; $65 for Affiliates

    [Revised: 08-06-2013]