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Condominium & Planned Development Law Certification
Certified Attorneys (Available June 2018)


“Condominium and planned development law” is the practice of law that involves: (1) serving as counsel to community associations, property owners, community association members, sellers, purchasers, developers, lenders, governmental agencies, and investors in matters related to community associations and planned developments; (2) drafting governing documents or their amendments, and preparing filings with governmental agencies that regulate community associations or planned developments; (3) serving in or for governmental agencies which regulate community associations or planned developments; (4) representing parties in construction lien and defect claims, collection of assessment actions, governing document and community association statutory enforcement and dispute actions, and other litigation, arbitration, and mediation in matters relating to community associations or planned developments; and (5) planning, development, construction, and financing of condominium or planned development communities.

Condominium and Planned Development Law CLE

Thinking of Becoming Board Certified?
Board Certification Applications for Lawyers

All applicants for board certification or recertification should carefully read the Rules Regulating The Florida Bar (Rules) and be sure you have met each of the requirements prior to filing your application. Unless the Rules provide for a waiver of a specific requirement, each of the requirements must be met by the dates indicated in the rule. There is a link to the Rules located below on this page.

To download an application, click on the application. You will be asked if you would like to "Open" or "Save" the file (MSWord). It is advisable to save the file to your computer for future reference. Type in your responses on the application and print a copy. Attach any required documents, enclose the applicable application fee, and mail your application to: The Florida Bar, Legal Specialization and Education Dept., 651 E. Jefferson Street, Tallahassee, FL 32399-2300.

Please note that the application consists of the exhibits reflected below. However, the following exhibits must be completed by all applicants: certification application coversheet, generic initial application, exhibits “A”, “B-1”, and “B-2”.

Exhibit B-1 should be completed by those individuals attempting to qualify for certification by way of examination, as well as, by the 20-year exemption. Please read Rule 6-30.3(a)-(g) before completing this exhibit so you understand the minimum standards.

Exhibit B-2 requires all applicants to provide a narrative description of one’s law practice representing community associations, developers, lenders, investors, or owners in matters involving condominium and planned development law during the 5-year period preceding the date of application. Please refer to this exhibit for further details on how you should prepare this description.

Exhibit B-3 should be completed only by those individuals seeking to be certified under the 20-year exemption. Please read Rule 6-30.3(c)-(e) to determine whether or not you meet the minimum standards.

Exhibit “C” should be completed only if there are additional courses to report that are not shown on a current CLE printout that you will attach with your application. You can download the printout from your Florida Bar account. Please note that only courses that have been awarded Condominium and Planned Development Law certification credits obtained between July 1, 2014 and August 31, 2017 count toward the required hours for this application.

The application consists of the following exhibits:

1. Certification Application Coversheet
2. Generic Initial Application
3. Exhibit A (References)
4. Exhibit B-1 (Substantial Involvement/Practical Experience) (Pages 1-23)
5. Exhibit B-2 (Narrative Description of Applicant’s Law Practice)
6. Exhibit B-3 (Examination Exemption)
7. Exhibit C (Continuing Legal Education - CLE)

View your Board Certification CLE credit hours online. Log in to your My Florida Bar account, and select “Show More” in the My Board Certifications section. Check “Show All” and select Condominium and Planned Development Law from the drop down menu. Select the “Credit History” tab.

Seeking Certification
If you wish to apply for certification, the Initial Application for Certification Word document opens in new window filing period opens July 1, 2017 and applications must be postmarked by August 31, 2017. This filing period is to become eligible to sit for the March 2018 Condominium and Planned Development Law Certification Examination or for those applicants applying for certification under the 20-year exemption provision.
General Information:

Exam Specifications PDF document opens in new window

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Standards for Board Certification in Condominium and Planned Development Law – Rule 6-30

Condominium and Planned Development Law Certification Standing Committee Policies PDF document opens in new window

Standards for Certification - Rule 6-3.5

Standing Policies of the Board of Legal Specialization and Education

Condominium and Planned Development Law Certification Committee Members

Condominium and Planned Development Law Certification Staff Liaison Contact Information:
Carol Vaught
The Florida Bar
651 East Jefferson Street
Tallahassee, FL 32399-2300

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