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March 3, 2014

--Legal Profession--

NEWS PARTNERS 2014: BIGLAW'S BRASS RING GETS HARDER TO GRASP -- Daily Business Review (requires subscription),, Feb. 28, 2014
In past decades, being named partner at a law firm was almost assured for hard-working associates. The typical career track for a law school graduate was to snag a job with a major law firm, work long hours and weekends and, in a single-digit number of years, become a partner, complete with an outsized office and secretary. In post-recession years, not only has that partnership track lengthened from eight to up to 12 years, but it has become increasingly elusive. No longer can dedicated associates expect partnerships. As a result, many are leaving BigLaw after several years to hang their own shingles, go in-house or join smaller firms.

FLAGLER LAW FIRM SEES BIG NEED IN SMALL BUSINESS -- Daytona Beach News-Journal,, March. 1, 2014.
The Flagler County Department of Economic Opportunity has had some success attracting new business development to the county, but a lot of the economic growth has been more organic, with start-ups and small businesses opening. While some organizations offer help to small-business owners in getting a business started and working on improving existing businesses, legal issues are not always on the entrepreneurial radar. Local law firm Chiumento Selis Dwyer recently announced the creation of a small business practice. Michael Chiumento, founding partner of the Flagler County legal firm, said beyond securing financing, creating a business plan and getting a marketing plan in place, small businesses also have to consider legal issues such as company liability, partnerships and even succession plans.


JUDICIAL PROFILE: EXPERIENCES IN VIETNAM LED THIS MARINE TO THE LAW -- Daily Business Review (requires subscription),, Feb. 28, 2014.
Profile of Broward County Court Judge Joseph A. Murphy III. Murphy discusses his passion for the law and his experiences as a former Marine and civil rights lawyer. "I think when I was in Vietnam, I realized what it was like for people to live with no rights," Murphy said. "And that became a thing with me, that the Constitution and the law is very important . . . That piece of paper is the only thing between you and tyranny." For Murphy, who grew up in New Jersey, a career in law was merely a possibility. "I kind of had it in the back of my head that I might want to be a lawyer," he said. Murphy decided on it definitely because of the battlefield wounds that put him in hospitals for more than two years, cost him an ankle on one leg and a knee in the other, and earned him a Purple Heart.

-Lawyer Ethics/Legal Discipline--

SUPREME COURT DISCIPLINES 29 ATTORNEYS -- The Florida Bar,, Feb. 28, 2014. [Also: THREE SOUTH FLORIDA ATTORNEYS DISBARRED -- Daily Business Review (requires subscription),, Feb. 28, 2014; FORMER BUSHNELL PUBLIC DEFENDER DISCIPLINED -- Daily Commercial,, Mar. 2, 2014.]
The Florida Bar, the state's guardian for the integrity of the legal profession, announces that the Florida Supreme Court in recent court orders disciplined 29 attorneys; disbarring five, revoking the licenses of two, suspending 21 and placing one on probation. Three attorneys received more than one form of discipline. One was ordered to pay restitution and two were placed on probation. 

--Unlicensed Practice of Law--

Ronaldo Varelo Melo, a 38-year-old Coral Springs man, is accused of impersonating a lawyer to steal more than $100,000 from at least eight undocumented Brazilians while making false promises to secure their residency status in the United States, according to Broward court documents. Melo's bond was set Friday at $690,000 for 13 charges that include practicing law without a license, fraud, grand theft and forgery, but he will remain behind bars on an immigration hold, jail records show. Some of the accusers filed complaints with The Florida Bar only to discover that Melo was not a licensed attorney.


CLARENCE FRANK BUD FRAZIER JR. -- Florida Times-Union,, Feb. 28, 2014.
Clarence Frank Bud Frazier Jr. died unexpectedly on Feb. 7. Frazier worked for more than 11 years with the District Counsel's Office, Internal Revenue Service, in the Miami, Atlanta, and Jacksonville offices. In 1978 he was appointed assistant district counsel in Jacksonville. As a private practitioner, he focused his practice on federal and state tax issues, as well as small business corporations and other entities. Frazier was currently Of Counsel at Purcell, Flanagan, Hay and Greene.

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