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Feb. 11, 2014

--The Florida Bar--

Column by Michael Fox Orr, Jacksonville Bar Board of Governors. "...Do not miss out on many exciting opportunities for appointment to one of the state's Judicial Nominating Commissions. JNCs are designed to locate, recruit, investigate, and evaluate applicants to fill judicial vacancies within the Florida court system . . . The Florida Bar has the opportunity to nominate six lawyers for each JNC to the governor for his appointment . . . There are currently no applicants for the 3rd and 16th Circuits. Additionally, there are less than the minimum six required applicants for the 4th Circuit. Your assistance is needed in helping to recruit qualified and diverse applicants. We would love to see more nominations from Jacksonville considering the quality of lawyers in our legal community."

There will be a rare race next month for a Florida Bar Board of Governors seat. Fred Franklin, former city general counsel and a shareholder with Rogers Towers, announced Friday [Feb. 7] his intent to run for one of the two 4th Circuit seats. His choice is seat one, which has been held by GrayRobinson shareholder Grier Wells since 2002. The 52-member board is the authority that adopts policy matter for The Florida Bar's activities. Each of the state's 20 circuits has two members, as does the Young Lawyers Division and the public. There also are four out-of-state members.

--Legal Profession--

'LEGAL FREEGANS' ARE LOOKING TO 'EAT YOUR LUNCH' -- The Florida Bar News,, Feb. 15, 2014.
The Vision 2016’s Technology Group sat down at the Bar’s Winter Meeting in Orlando and discussed the difficulties in discerning how emerging technologies and other trends will affect the future practice of law. The 68 members of the Bar’s Vision 2016 commission continue their three-year mission to identify the challenges that lie ahead for the profession and to set out a framework for meeting them. In addition to technology, the commission is also focusing on the future of legal education, Bar admissions and the delivery of pro bono/legal services. Consultant attorney Jordon Furlong told the Technology Group the biggest issues the profession will face in the next three to five years include technology that performs a legal or lawyer function, online dispute resolution and technology assisted review.


JUDGE LAURA WATSON'S ETHICS TRIAL BEGINS -- Daily Business Review (requires subscription),, Feb. 11, 2014.
Broward Circuit Judge Laura Watson spoke in her own defense Monday [Feb. 10] in opening statements in a judicial ethics trial concerning her activities as a lawyer 10 years ago. Watson stood before a panel of the state Judicial Qualifications Commission in the Broward County Courthouse. She is accused of being part of a global settlement with Progressive Insurance that wrongfully cut out a group of bad faith lawyers and deliberately misled clients on the terms of settlement. Watson, who became a judge in 2013 after she was elected, opened by trying to cast suspicion on the JQC's motives. Watson made attempts to delay her ethics trial. Presiding panel chair Kerry Evander, a Fifth District Court of Appeal judge, denied a motion she filed Monday to recuse himself. On Sunday [Feb. 9], U.S. District Judge Marcia Cooke in Miami denied Watson's motion for a restraining order and permanent injunction to stop the disciplinary hearing. The trial is scheduled to resume today [Feb. 11].

--Criminal Justice Issues--

CHRISTINA KITTERMAN: ROTHSTEIN SEXUALLY HARASSED ME -- Daily Business Review (requires subscription),, Feb. 10, 2014. [Also: PONZI SCHEMER ROTHSTEIN A LOVABLE TYRANT, LAWYER TESTIFIES IN HER OWN DEFENSE -- Palm Beach Post (requires subscription),, Feb. 10, 2014; KITTERMAN TESTIFIES SHE WAS GRATEFUL TO ROTHSTEIN FOR REHAB HELP -- South Florida Sun-Sentinel,, Feb. 11, 2014; KITTERMAN SAYS SHE HAD INNOCENT MOTIVES WHEN SHE HELPED ROTHSTEIN -- South Florida Business Journal,, Feb. 11, 2014.]
Christina Kitterman, a former attorney in Scott Rothstein's firm, testified on her own behalf Monday [Feb. 10] that she was sexually harassed, stalked and bullied by the lawyer-turned-con-man. Kitterman testified when she joined the Rothstein Rosenfeldt Adler law firm in 2003, she immediately had to ward off Rothstein's sexual advances. She is accused of helping Rothstein by pretending to be a Florida Bar official. Kitterman also said he would threaten repeatedly that if she looked for another job, he would ruin her law career. She also refuted several key areas of Rothstein's testimony. The prosecution asked Kitterman about how Rothstein helped her get into a drug rehabilitation center for her addiction to alcohol and cocaine. She described him as tyrannical, overbearing and misogynistic but she testified that he also could be lovable. Kitterman insisted that no matter how she felt about Rothstein, she didn’t lie for him.

--Tech Tip Tuesday--

RELIABLE INTERNET ACCESS OPTIONS -- The Florida Bar,, Feb. 11, 2014.
Whether you simply need to access email or your firm has embraced the cloud for practice management, reliable Web access is a must-have for most lawyers. For additional information on this tip and others, visit the Tech Tips page.

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