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This email digest is dedicated to the interaction and education of volunteer speaker members of The Florida Bar Speakers Bureau. Submit items of interest to Mr. Dorohn A. Frazier at, or mail to The Florida Bar Speakers Bureau, 651 E. Jefferson Street, Tallahassee, FL 32399-2300. Photos sent by email should be in jpg or gif format.

November 9, 2015

    Several speaking opportunities are available

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    The Florida Bar Speakers Bureau is committed to promoting a positive image of the legal profession. As a licensed member of The Florida Bar, you can help both the Bar and the legal community by educating and informing the public on the different aspects of law and how our system works.

    We welcome volunteers who are able to talk to businesses, civic, educational, professional, social and other groups on these topics in 2016. If you are a member of our Speakers Bureau, please email to volunteer for these opportunities:

January 28DavieEnvironmental LawLandscape Inspectors Association of Florida
February 22Royal Palm Beach Estate PlanningRoyal Palm Beach Branch Library
February 25MiamiCivil lawClerk of Courts Black History Committee
February 26Boca RatonEstate PlanningWest Boca Branch/Palm Beach County Library System
March 22Jupiter Library System Advanced Directives
April 15Jupiter Library System Estate Planning
September 1Fort Myers Elder LawBlessed Pope John XXIII Villas
The public needs to know about
government and the courts.

Be their teacher!
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    “Benchmarks: Raising the Bar on Civics Education” is a Florida Bar program that offers attorneys activities to use to talk about government and the courts when they are invited to speak to adult civic and community groups.

    Benchmarks is basically civics education for adults – presented in an engaging and fun format that leaves participants wanting more.

    Overviews and supporting materials for all Benchmarks activities are available online.

    They are grouped into three categories: Constitution and the Bill of RightsCourts and the Judicial Branch; and Special Topics. 

    Attorneys who become trained in Benchmarks — by attending a seminar — are eligible to earn CLE credits.

    Presenters can earn one ethics credit hour for each presentation for up to three presentations in a three-year reporting period. 

    Speakers Bureau volunteers are encouraged to contact civic groups in their communities that might be interested in these presentations.

    Questions regarding Benchmarks should be directed to: Susannah Lyle at or (850) 561-5669.

Effective Ways to Reach Your Audience
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    Professional speakers maximize their effectiveness by thoroughly researching and engaging their audience.

    Three important items that successful speakers utilize:

    Research Your Audience
    Your speaking engagement will be far more effective if it's tailored to your specific audience. Spend time learning as much as possible about attendees and gear your speech accordingly.

    Focus on the Audience
    As you stand up in front of a roomful of people, it can be easy to assume everyone's full focus on you. This is too often not the case. Put your focus on your audience instead of you and you'll gain confidence.

    Put the Audience to Work
    You can take some of the pressure off of yourself by getting the audience to join in. Have everyone try an exercise or ask a few people to tell a personal story.

    For more useful speaking tips visit

Growth is a good thing . . .
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    An article in the July 1, 2015 edition of The Florida Bar News featured the Speakers Bureau and its growing membership via Voluntary Bar organizations.

    With more and more community and professional groups inquiring about requesting the Speakers Bureau members to lecture at their events, seeing the article may encourage other attorneys to participate.

    We encourage you to share it with your colleagues who could be interested in signing up for this Bar program. The article can be accessed through this link.

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Mr. Dorohn A. Frazier
Speakers Bureau Liaison
The Florida Bar,
651 E. Jefferson Street,
Tallahassee FL 32399-2300

1-800-342-8060, extension 5701

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