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The Florida Bar

Unlicensed Practice of Law Circuit Committees
Eleventh Circuit UPL Committee "D"
    Staff Contact    Jacquelyn Needelman
    Randall Lawrence Sidlosca Chair Miami  August, 2015
    Ricardo E. Gonzalez *Liaison Miami  June, 2014
    Steven Wayne Davis Designated Reviewer Miami  June, 2014
    Ana Crucet *Public Member Miami  August, 2017
    Carlos Mauricio Duque Miami  June, 2019
    Maithe González Coral Gables  February, 2014
    Lody Jean Miami  May, 2019
    Deirdre Mirmelli *Public Member Miami  August, 2017
    Sandra Ivonne Murado Coral Gables  August, 2017
    Nicolas Andres Olano Miami  August, 2017
    Shari Schwartz *Public Member Miami Beach  May, 2019
    Stephanie Rebecca Silver Miami  August, 2017
    Elaine Florence Weiss Coral Gables  May, 2019
    * Public Member


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