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The purpose of the Animal Law Committee of the Florida Bar is to monitor and inform the members of the Florida Bar and the citizens of the State of Florida regarding significant developments in the growing practice area of Animal Law. The Animal Law Committee takes an active role in communicating about and reviewing proposed legislative changes and has, and will continue to, hold an annual seminar addressing animal law issues, including how such issues affect more traditional legal practice areas. The Animal Law Committee also conducts research regarding specialized areas of concern for this practice area. The Animal Law Committee meets at least three times a year to share new information regarding this practice area. In general, the Animal Law Committee brings together attorneys who practice Animal Law and have experience with Animal Law issues. The strength of the Animal Law Committee is that it encompasses a dedicated group of attorneys with a specific interest in the interaction between animals and their environments and surroundings, and how statutes and case law are evolving to accommodate and integrate these interactions with each of the currently accepted and more traditional areas of legal practice.

Florida Animal Law Statutes
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For more information on the purpose and goals of the committee, background information on the development of animal law, and explanation of need for an Animal Law Committee, please see the Application to the Florida Bar Board of Governors for Approval of Formation of an Animal Law Committee.
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