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The Florida Bar

Standing Committees
Board of Legal Specialization and Education

Through administration of the certification plan, the BLSE is charged with identifying for the general public and the profession those attorneys who have substantial experience and have demonstrated special knowledge, skills and proficiency in certified areas of practice and professionalism and ethics in the practice of law. The BLSE oversees the work of all the certification committees. These committees are responsible for proposing criteria for the issuance and renewal of certification, reviewing applications, developing and grading examinations, and recommending to the BLSE certificates be issued to those individuals found to have met both the minimum standards imposed by the certification plan and the particular standards in the area for which certification is sought. The BLSE also has oversight responsibility for the evaluation of all CLE accreditation submissions, member compliance with the Continuing Legal Education Requirement (CLER), and the Basic Skills Course Requirement (BSCR).

Staff Contact    Dawna Bicknell
John Henry Pelzer Chair Fort Lauderdale  2015
Cynthia Johnson-Stacks Vice Chair Miami  2016
Dori Foster-Morales Board Liaison Miami  2014
Kimberly A Ashby Orlando  2016
Jeffrey Michael Cohen Miami  2015
Susan Jane Cole Coral Gables  2016
Craig L Crawford Orlando  2014
James Andrew Farrell West Palm Beach  2014
James A Gale Miami  2015
Martin D Kahn Miami  2014
Marlene Quintana Miami  2014
Scott Leonard Rubin Miami  2015
Steven Dennis Rubin Boca Raton  2015
Gary Scott Salzman Orlando  2016
David Mark Silberstein Sarasota  2014
Timon V Sullivan Tampa  2014
Laura Kristin Sundberg Representative Orlando  2014


[Revised: 7-1-2013]