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Professionalism, Committee on

The scope and function of the Standing Committee on Professionalism is to assist the Commission and Center for Professionalism in implementing programs, events, and activities to promote professionalism throughout the state.
Staff Contact    Jacina Haston

Caroline Elizabeth Johnson Levine Chair Tampa  2018
Timothy Patrick Chinaris Vice Chair Nashville  2016
Frances Maria Perrone Vice Chair Tampa  2017
Leslie Jean Lott Board Liaison Coral Gables  2016
Caroline Tesche Arkin Tampa  2018
Bryan Frederick Aylstock Pensacola  2016
Patricia D Barksdale Jacksonville  2018
Alvin Fletcher Benton, Jr. White Plains  2016
Lisa Marjorie Berlow-Lehner Miami  2018
Dale Kent Bohner Tampa  2016
Renee Lillard Brant Fort Lauderdale  2016
Donise Edwards Brown Coral Gables  2016
Luis A Cabassa Tampa  2018
John Pollara Cardillo Naples  2017
Gregory M Cesarano Miami  2016
Myer John Cohen Representative Pompano Beach  2016
Michael Byrley Colgan Tampa  2018
Robert Deweese Critton, Jr. West Palm Beach  2017
Kirsten K Davis *Gulfport  2017
Chioma Rucshana Deere North Palm Beach  2018
Juan Escar Hollywood  2018
Matthew James Feeley Miami  2018
James Solomon Haliczer Fort Lauderdale  2016
Starling Newcomb Hendriks Naples  2018
Jeremy Simons Korch Representative Miami  2016
Phyllis Diane Kotey Miami  2017
Gisela Then Laurent Orlando  2018
Edward Camille LaRose Tampa  2018
Steven Mark Lury West Palm Beach  2016
John Thomas Luzzo Fort Lauderdale  2016
Marsha Gerre Madorsky Miami  2017
Howard R Marsee Oviedo  2017
Robert James McCune, Jr. Ocala  2017
Miles Ambrose McGrane, IV Hollywood  2017
Henry Lee Paul Tampa  2018
Sara K Peacock Tampa  2018
Adam Todd Rabin West Palm Beach  2016
Carrie Mendrick Roane Tallahassee  2018
Kara Berard Rockenbach West Palm Beach  2018
Irene Maria Rodriguez Tampa  2018
Michael Louis Schneider Tallahassee  2018
Jennifer Ashley Smith Orlando  2018
Kevin Charles Smith West Palm Beach  2016
Larry Dean Smith Orlando  2018
Cherine Smith Valbrun Fort Lauderdale  2018
Neal Russell Sonnett Miami  2017
Scott Ira Suskauer West Palm Beach  2017
Whitney Marie Untiedt Miami  2018
Suzanne Van Wyk Tallahassee  2018
Sarah Israela Zabel Miami  2017
* Public Member

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