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The purpose of the Law Related Education Committee is to promote effective law related education programs in grades K-12 of Florida's schools, with an emphasis on teaching young citizens respect for the legal system, and for people and their property. The committee seeks to maintain and enhance the cooperative efforts of attorneys, educators, and law enforcement personnel in the field of law related education in Florida. The Committee administers the YouTube Contest and the Justice Teaching Awards
Staff Contact    Jeff Doran

Sheri Lynn Hazeltine Chair Delray Beach  2018
Richard Harry Levenstein Vice Chair Stuart  2016
Stephanie Mary Powers Vice Chair Punta Gorda  2017
Anthony Holloway *Board Liaison St Petersburg  2016
John Alfred Arceri Marco Island  2017
Oral Luke Beason Pompano Beach  2018
Scott Clines Shalimar  2017
Kalinthia R Dillard West Palm Beach  2016
Brian Matthew Engel Hallandale Beach  2016
Richard Steven Gendler Miami Gardens  2018
Aarrin Benatra Golson Miami  2018
Jason Eric Handin Fort Lauderdale  2016
Darren Kenneth Jackson Mayo  2016
Mary T Kogut Lowell Orlando  2016
Charles Michael Marschall Tallahassee  2018
Andrew Harper McElroy, III Tallahassee  2016
Lanelle Kay Meidan West Palm Beach  2018
Michael James Molenda Palm Beach Gardens  2017
Christian Moriarty St Petersburg  2018
Annette Pitts *Representative Tallahassee  2016
Ashlee Antionette Pouncy Miami  2018
Lynne Allen Quimby-Pennock Tallahassee  2018
Kevin Alan Raudt Ponte Vedra Beach  2016
Jason Matthew Rice Tampa  2018
Jose Antonio Rodriguez Fort Lauderdale  2016
Raul Ruiz Miami  2016
Jay Edward Silver Miami  2018
Kymberlee Curry Smith Pembroke Pines  2016
Stephen Alan Smith Jacksonville  2016
Catherine M. Taylor Lamb New Smyrna Beach  2018
Tammany Don Tenbrook Fort Lauderdale  2016
David Theodore Tirella Detroit  2016
Heather N Tyndall-Best Tallahassee  2017
Heather Wallace-Bridwell Stuart  2018
Derek Haven Wojciak Iowa City  2016
* Public Member

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