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Standing Committees
LOMAS Advisory Board

The scope and function of the Law Office Management Assistance Service Advisory Board is to oversee and review the activities of LOMAS, whose purpose is to offer practical technical advice on law office management to sole practitioners and small to mid-sized law firms.
Staff Contact    Judith D. Equels

Twyla Lawrene Sketchley Chair Tallahassee  2016
Jason Kristian Scott Porter Vice Chair Jacksonville  2014
Leslie Jean Lott Board Liaison Coral Gables  2014
Victoria L. Allen *Fort Lauderdale  2015
Donna DiMaggio Berger Ft Lauderdale  2016
Joseph Robert Boyd Tallahassee  2014
Gustavo Alfonso Bravo Plantation  2015
Christopher M Chestnut Gainesville  2014
Patricia Chin *Orlando  2015
Yesenia Arely Collazo Miami  2014
Debra Joyce Davis Tampa  2016
Daniel Etlinger Safety Harbor  2016
Samantha Jean Fitzgerald Plantation  2016
Nathaniel Ray Flinchbaugh Oakland Park  2016
Theresa Marie Kenney Jacksonville  2016
Russell M Leisner Tampa  2015
Nicholas Manzoli San Antonio  2015
Stacy Watson May Jacksonville  2015
James W Menendez *Stuart  2014
Sopi Mitil Orlando  2016
Barry William Rigby Orlando  2014
Frank Alberto Rodriguez Palm Beach Gardens  2016
Alicia Almansa Roman Coral Gables  2015
Mario Rumasuglia *Fort Lauderdale  2015
Steven L Schwarzberg West Palm Beach  2014
Michael Lawrence Schwebel, Jr. West Palm Beach  2015
Nancy Ann M Stuparich Oviedo  2014
Erick Trivedi Coral Gables  2014
Kevin P Tynan Tamarac  2014
* Public Member

[Revised: 7-1-2013]