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The Florida Bar

Standing Committees
Rules Of Judicial Administration

The scope and function of the Rules of Judicial Administration Committee is to originate proposed new rules, and review and re-evaluate existing rules of procedure to advance orderly and inexpensive procedures in the administration of justice.

See the Rules of Procedure page for full text of the rules and any proposed amendments.

    Staff Contact    Krys Godwin
    Jon Berkley Morgan Chair Kissimmee  2014
    Murray Bruce Silverstein Vice Chair Tampa  2014
    Andrew Blaise Sasso Board Liaison Clearwater  2014
    Linda Ruth Allan Clearwater  2014
    Amy Singer Borman West Palm Beach  2014
    John Richard Caskey Representative Tampa  2014
    Melanie L Casper Representative West Palm Beach  2014
    Donald Edward Christopher Orlando  2015
    Judson Lee Cohen Miami Lakes  2015
    Robert Michael Eschenfelder Bradenton  2015
    Craig Anthony Gibbs Jacksonville  2014
    Marynelle Hardee Representative Gainesville  2014
    Corinne Cotton Hodak Jacksonville  2014
    Elliot Burt Kula Representative North Miami  2014
    Kimberly Clark Menchion Tallahassee  2016
    Manuel Menendez, Jr. Tampa  2014
    Ashley J McCorvey Myers Jacksonville  2016
    Richard Allen Nielsen Tampa  2016
    Anita Paoli Hollywood  2016
    Keith H Park West Palm Beach  2014
    Belvin Perry, Jr. Orlando  2016
    Juan Ramirez, Jr. Miami  2016
    Paul R Regensdorf Jacksonville  2016
    Alexandra V Rieman Fort Lauderdale  2016
    Debra Roberts New Port Richey  2014
    Mark Anthony Romance Miami  2016
    Samuel Joseph Salario, Jr. Tampa  2015
    Amanda Arnold Sansone Tampa  2015
    Michael Pasquale Sasso Representative Palmetto  2014
    Alan R Schwartz Miami  2014
    Michael Scott Sharrit Representative Jacksonville  2014
    Scott Jay Silverman Miami  2015
    Joel Michael Silvershein Representative Fort Lauderdale  2014
    Lisa Shira Small West Palm Beach  2016
    Stanford R Solomon Tampa  2015
    Steven Scott Stephens Tampa  2015
    Michael Robert Ufferman Tallahassee  2016
    Roberto Mario Vargas Representative West Palm Beach  2014
    William C Vose Orlando  2014
    Clell Calvin Warriner, III West Palm Beach  2014
    Richard M White, Jr. Gainesville  2015
    Nicole Dawn Young Representative Jacksonville  2014

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    [Revised: 7-1-2013]