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The Federal Court Practice Committee serves as the Bar's liaison to the federal courts, federal bar organizations in Florida, the Eleventh Circuit Judicial Conference, and others interested in federal practice. The Committee distributes to Bar members proposed changes to the federal rules, including local rules for federal courts in Florida, and publishes the Guide to Judicial Practices in Florida's Federal Courts, which describes the practices of individual federal judges in all three Districts and the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals. The Committee also maintains the Federal Corner on the Bar's website, and hosts the Federal Judicial Roundtable at the annual meeting of the Florida Bar.
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John Leonard Badalamenti Chair Lakeland  2015
Brett Alan Barfield Vice Chair Miami  2017
Charlene V Edwards-Honeywell Vice Chair Tampa  2016
Stephanie Marusak Marchman Vice Chair Gainesville  2016
Nikki Lewis Simon Vice Chair Miami  2015
Ian M Comisky Board Liaison Philadelphia  2015
Traci Abrams *Representative Tallahassee  2015
Lee Ann Bennett, Clerk of Ct *Representative Tampa  2015
Patrick Edward Betar Coral Gables  2017
George Walter Bush, Jr. Stuart  2016
Michael Caruso Miami  2016
Jonathan David Colan Miami  2017
Sherril May Colombo Miami  2016
Melanie Emmons Damian Miami  2015
Caryl Emerson Delano Tampa  2015
Joseph A DeMaria Miami  2015
Paul Andrew Donnelly Gainesville  2017
Andrew James Doyle Washington  2017
Jeremy Todd Elman Miami  2017
Joe Falzone *Representative Miami  2015
Thomas Marshall Findley Representative Tallahassee  2015
Irene Bassel Frick Tampa  2017
Richard Steven Gendler Miami Gardens  2015
Paul Mitchell Glenn, Jr. Jacksonville  2016
Lawrence Dean Goodman Coral Gables  2015
Matthew Frank Hall Tampa  2017
Robyn Sue Hankins Jupiter  2017
Anika Royster Hardmon Miami  2017
Brian Richard Harris Tampa  2016
Claudeth Jannerine Henry Ocala  2016
Michael Jeffrey Hooi Tampa  2015
Paul Courtney Huck Miami  2016
Gary Richard Jones Gainesville  2015
Dotie Joseph North Miami Beach  2016
Jason Patrick Kairalla Miami  2017
Jay Kim Fort Lauderdale  2017
Steven M Larimore Representative Miami  2015
Samuel Abraham Lewis Miami  2017
John Ley *Representative Atlanta  2015
Brett Drew Lieberman Ft Lauderdale  2016
Sheryl Loesch *Representative Jacksonville  2015
Jessica Jo Lyublanovits Representative Pensacola  2015
Thomas Meeks Representative Miami  2015
Mark R Osherow West Palm Beach  2015
Thomas N. Palermo Tampa  2015
Eileen Lynskey Parsons Miami  2016
Yohance Asim Pettis Tampa  2016
Anthony Edward Porcelli Tampa  2016
Louis Reinstein Fort Lauderdale  2015
Elizabeth Mercedes Rodriguez Miami  2016
Terry Marcus Sanks Orlando  2016
Mary S Scriven Tampa  2016
Preethi Sekharan Stuart  2016
Katherine Smallwood Atlanta  2015
Julie Simone Sneed Representative Tampa  2015
Neal Russell Sonnett Miami  2016
Karen Kinkennon Specie Tallahassee  2017
Michael Patrick Spellman Tallahassee  2015
Lauren Louise Stricker Tampa  2016
Tina Marie Talarchyk Palm Beach  2017
Steven William Teppler Jacksonville  2015
Barbara Jean Throne Blountstown  2016
Elizabeth Marie Timothy Pensacola  2016
Frances Makemie Toole Tampa  2015
John Simmons Trimper West Palm Beach  2015
Ann Marie C Villafaña West Palm Beach  2015
Khurrum Basir Wahid Pompano Beach  2015
April Y Walker Orlando  2016
James Dennis Young Jacksonville  2017
* Public Member

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