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Eminent Domain

The scope and function of the Eminent Domain Committee is to study and keep informed of recent developments in the field of condemnation of private property for public use by governmental agencies or private companies who have the power of eminent domain. It should keep the members of the Bar informed of developments of great significance in this field, maintain liaison with private companies and governmental agencies who have and use the power of eminent domain, and study and consider legislation, law or problems in the area of eminent domain law as developed by the committee or assigned by the president or the Board of Governors.
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Staff Contact    Chase Early

Joel Settembrini, Jr. Chair Jacksonville  2017
Donald Tobyn DeYoung Vice Chair St Petersburg  2017
Lorena Hart Ludovici Vice Chair Tampa  2017
Heather A. Patchen Vice Chair Miami Lakes  2017
Kenneth Cardell Pope Vice Chair Tampa  2017
Fred Douglas Franklin Board Liaison Jacksonville  2017
Tracy M de Lemos Orlando  2017
Celeste Frances Adorno Kissimmee  2017
A Kurt Ardaman Winter Park  2017
Vivian Arenas-Battles Tampa  2017
Paul D Bain Tampa  2017
Emmett Lamar Battles Tampa  2017
Peter William Bellas Miami  2017
Paul Arthur Blucher Sarasota  2017
Jack Putnam Brandon Winter Haven  2017
Linda Sue Brehmer-Lanosa Orlando  2017
Andrew Prince Brigham Jacksonville  2017
Barrie Sawyer Buenaventura Tampa  2017
Mitchell John Burnstein Fort Lauderdale  2017
Thomas Patrick Callan Orlando  2017
Laura N Camp Miami  2017
James Stanley Chapman Tallahassee  2017
Kerry Cooper Collins Jacksonville  2017
Cole James Copertino Fort Lauderdale  2017
Jeffrey Philip Cynamon Miami Beach  2017
Matthew Grant DeBoard Orlando  2017
Andrew J DeNering Bartow  2017
Patrick Thomas Di Pietro Miami  2017
Andrew Gerald Diaz Tampa  2017
Dean Richard DiRose Tampa  2017
Mary Jewell Dorman Tampa  2017
Kurt H Garber Winter Park  2017
Lewis Edmund Garlisi Tampa  2017
James Copley Gavigan, Jr. West Palm Beach  2017
Blake H Gaylord Tampa  2017
S Cary Gaylord Tampa  2017
Lawrence Samuel Gendzier Orlando  2017
Robert James Gorman Fort Pierce  2017
Bradley Stephen Gould Miami  2017
Jack Nathan Gutman New Port Richey  2017
James A Helinger, Jr. Saint Petersburg  2017
Jeffrey Lawrence Hinds Tampa  2017
Bruce B Humphrey Jacksonville  2017
Phillip H Hutchinson West Palm Beach  2017
Scott Joel Johnson Orlando  2017
Kenneth Austin Jones Fort Myers  2017
Maureen Jones Ponce Inlet  2017
Carlos Ambrose Kelly Fort Myers  2017
Andrew Patrick Lannon Palm Bay  2017
Harold Anthony Lassman Orlando  2017
Mark Robert Leavitt Orlando  2017
Tom E Lewis, Jr. Tallahassee  2017
John Marcel LeRoux Clearwater  2017
John Wesley Little, III West Palm Beach  2017
James R Lussier Orlando  2017
Gino Antonio Luzietti Tallahassee  2017
Judah Mandel Miami  2017
William Campbell McLean, IV Tampa  2017
Richard Vernon Neill, Jr. Fort Pierce  2017
Anthony Vincent Policastro Clearwater  2017
Daniel Joseph Rigo Tallahassee  2017
Gregory Steven Rix Tampa  2017
Joel Edward Roberts Orlando  2017
Tony J Rodriguez Fort Lauderdale  2017
Michael Henri Rosen Tampa  2017
Deborah Anne Ruster Winter Haven  2017
Eric Dale Ryder Clearwater  2017
Aloyma M Sanchez Tampa  2017
Michael Schiff Miami  2017
Debra Wiggins Schiro Tallahassee  2017
Andrew Howard Schuster Miami  2017
Prineet D Sharma Orlando  2017
Jay William Small Orlando  2017
Brian Edward Smith Orlando  2017
Patricia Denise Smith Palm Bay  2017
Todd Jeffrey Sobel Tampa  2017
Anthony James Spalla Tallahassee  2017
Nicki Spirtos New Port Richey  2017
Susan K Spurgeon Tampa  2017
Stephen Jay Stanley Tampa  2017
Linda Ferroli Stein Plantation  2017
Anthony Joseph Stevens Lakeland  2017
Charles Stuart Stratton Tallahassee  2017
Peter J. Sweeney, Jr. Palm Bay  2017
Stephen Tabano Tampa  2017
Mark Andrew Tobin Miami  2017
Michael Joseph Tomkiewicz Tallahassee  2017
Marianne Aubel Trussell Tallahassee  2017
Frederik Willem Van Vonno Stuart  2017
Rodney Carlton Wade Tampa  2017
Peter David Waldman Fort Lauderdale  2017
Herbert Adams Weaver, Jr. West Palm Beach  2017
Lee Dilly Wedekind, III Jacksonville  2017
Michael Ross Whitt Naples  2017


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