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Family Law Rules

The Family Law Rules Committee was created by order of the Florida Supreme Court on October 22, 1992. Its initial purpose was to draft rules of procedure for family courts. It now functions as other rules committees under Rule 2.140, Florida Rules of Judicial Administration.

See the Rules of Procedure page for full text of the rules and any proposed amendments.

Family Law Rules Committee page.

Staff Contact    Gregory Zhelesnik
Elizabeth Ann Blackburn Chair Daytona Beach  2017
Charles Cole Jeffries, Jr. Vice Chair Tampa  2015
Jack Arthur Moring Vice Chair Crystal River  2017
Michael Pasquale Sasso Vice Chair Palmetto  2016
Charles Richard Nail Board Liaison Lakeland  2015
Astrid M Bismarck Coral Gables  2017
Matthew Burns Capstraw Tavares  2015
Catherine Marie Catlin Tampa  2017
Linda Courtney Clark Tampa  2017
Joyce Anne Conway Representative West Palm Beach  2015
Meghan Boudreau Daigle Tallahassee  2016
Lorraine M Durham Orlando  2017
Jennifer Ann Ficarrotta Tampa  2017
Terry L Fogel Miami  2015
Ladasiah Jackson Ford Tallahassee  2016
Mindy Sue Glazer Miami  2015
Deborah Lynne Greene Jacksonville  2015
Mitchell Haymes Fort Lauderdale  2016
Leslie Hinds St-Surin Miami  2016
Amber Jill Hines Orange Park  2016
Flora Marie Jackson Miami  2017
Brian M Karpf Miami  2017
Adam Jacob Kohl Saint Johns  2017
James Christopher Lombardo Naples  2017
Evan Richard Marks Miami  2017
Conti J Moore Orlando  2016
Maria Liliana Obradovich Tampa  2016
Frederick Lincoln Pollack Tampa  2015
Heather Brooke Quick Jacksonville Beach  2017
Jeanine Beard Sasser Jacksonville  2017
Elizabeth Anne Tener Orlando  2016
Brandon Michael Tyson Altamonte Springs  2015
Robyn L Vines Fort Lauderdale  2016
Tyrone Nathaniel Watson Orlando  2017
Harriet Williams Williams Tallahassee  2016

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[Revised: 7-1-2014]