The Florida Bar

Standing Committees
Grievance Mediation & Fee Arbitration

The committee is responsible for administration of the mediation and fee arbitration program, certifying mediators and arbitrators, promulgating necessary forms and documents, and making recommendations, as necessary, to the board of governors for changes in the mediation and arbitration programs.
Staff Contact    Susan Austin

Roshani Mala Gunewardene Chair Fort Myers  2018
Michael H Lax Vice Chair Miami  2016
Wayne Lawrence Helsby Board Liaison Winter Park  2016
Steven Nathan Ainbinder Boca Raton  2017
Harvey Martin Alper Altamonte Springs  2016
Barry L. Brown *Miami  2016
Christopher C Cloney Cocoa Beach  2018
James Louis D'Andrea Jacksonville  2016
Kahlil Amyn Day Jacksonville  2018
Lynn C. Dean *Orlando  2016
Margherita R Downey Delray Beach  2017
Gary N. Feder *Coral Gables  2018
Louise Booth Fields Tampa  2016
Mary Ruth Hawk Bradenton  2017
Nancy B. Hopwood *Sunrise  2016
Virginia Easley Johnson Miami  2017
Pasquale Mercurio *New Smyrna Beach  2018
David B Mitchell Coral Gables  2018
Ricardo Anthony Woods-Obinna *Tampa  2016
* Public Member

[Revised: 7-1-2015]