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Standing Committees

The scope and function of the Advertising Committee is to administer the advertising evaluation program set forth in Rule 4-7.19, Rules of Professional Conduct. The committee is charged with the responsibility of advising members of The Florida Bar on permissible advertising and solicitation practices. This responsibility is accomplished through the issuance of written advisory opinions, the evaluation of advertisements required to be filed with the committee, and the development of a handbook on advertising PDF document opens in new window for the guidance of and dissemination to members of The Florida Bar. In addition, the committee is empowered to recommend to the board of governors such amendments to the Rules of Professional Conduct as the committee believes are appropriate.
Staff Contact    Elizabeth Tarbert

Melvin Bowen Wright Chair Orlando  2016
Alvin V. Alsobrook *Vice Chair Gainesville  2015
Carl B Schwait Board Liaison Gainesville  2015
Carolyn Ruth Bell West Palm Beach  2017
Connie Reeves Bookman *Pensacola  2016
Sammy Michel Cacciatore Melbourne  2016
Michael John Faehner Clearwater  2015
Anthony J Jackson *Ft Lauderdale  2016
* Public Member


[Revised: 7-1-2014]