The Florida Bar

Board Legislation Committee

The Legislation Committee is composed of nine members who serve three-year staggered terms, at least five of whom must be active members of the board. The committee considers proposals for legislative or political action by The Florida Bar or other subgroups, confirms whether such action is within the scope of the Bar's authority, and recommends whether a position should be formally adopted or recognized by the board. The committee's activities may include the drafting of certain legislative or political concepts which may or should be the subject of legislation or other advocacy, and to recommend appropriate action for the board.

Gary Shepard Lesser Chair West Palm Beach  2018
Jay Cohen Fort Lauderdale  2018
Sandra Fascell Diamond Seminole  2019
Dori Foster-Morales Miami  2019
Michael S Hooker Tampa  2017
Laird Andrew Lile Naples  2017
John Wesley Manuel Panama City  2018
Lawrence Edward Sellers, Jr. Tallahassee  2017
Michael Grant Tanner Jacksonville  2019

Committee Materials

[Revised: 7-1-2016]