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The Florida Bar

Standing Committees
Appellate Court Rules

The scope and function of the Appellate Court Rules Committee is to carry out the mandate of Rule 2.140, Florida Rules of Judicial Administration, concerning the proposal of new rules of procedure and changes to existing rules.

See the Rules of Procedure page for full text of the rules and any proposed amendments.

    Staff Contact    Heather Telfer
    Eduardo I Sanchez Chair Miami  2014
    John Richard Hamilton Vice Chair Orlando  2014
    Wendy S Loquasto Vice Chair Tallahassee  2015
    Margaret Diane Mathews Board Liaison Tampa  2014
    Ceci Culpepper Berman Tampa  2015
    Marie Attaway Borland Tampa  2014
    Robin I. Bresky Boca Raton  2015
    Courtney Rebecca Brewer Tallahassee  2016
    Mihaela Cabulea Fort Lauderdale  2016
    David Michael Caldevilla Tampa  2014
    Christopher Vincent Carlyle The Villages  2015
    Wendie Michelle Cooper Sanford  2015
    Marva Louise Crenshaw Lakeland  2015
    Landis Vernon Curry, III Tampa  2015
    Duane Allan Daiker Tampa  2015
    Michael T. Davis Miami  2015
    Frances Guasch De La Guardia Miami  2014
    Dorothy Venable DiFiore Tampa  2015
    Rosemarie Elizabeth Farrell Orlando  2016
    Angela Carol Flowers Ocala  2015
    Jeffrey Dana Gillen West Palm Beach  2014
    Marjorie Gadarian Graham Palm Beach Gardens  2015
    Christine Davis Graves Tallahassee  2016
    Michael C Greenberg Sunrise  2015
    Tracy Raffles Gunn Tampa  2014
    Robin Felicity Hazel Pembroke Pines  2016
    Debra Potter Klauber Fort Lauderdale  2014
    Elliot Burt Kula North Miami  2015
    Jeffrey Thomas Kuntz Fort Lauderdale  2014
    Craig Edward Leen Coral Gables  2015
    John Wesley Little, III West Palm Beach  2014
    Jacqulyn Mack Englewood  2014
    Kristin Ann Norse Tampa  2014
    James Edward Nutt West Palm Beach  2014
    Erin Jane O'Leary Orlando  2015
    Elisha Naoli Page Fort Lauderdale  2016
    Sara-Jean Palmer Bartow  2015
    Kathryn Senecal Pecko Lauderdale Lakes  2016
    Stephanie Williams Ray Tallahassee  2016
    Jack Roy Reiter Miami  2015
    Gigi Rollini Tallahassee  2015
    Sarah J. Rumph Tallahassee  2016
    Steven Lauren Seliger Tallahassee  2015
    Stephanie L Serafin West Palm Beach  2014
    Stefanie Renee Shelley Boca Raton  2014
    Stephanie Rebecca Silver Miami  2016
    Dwight Oneal Slater Tallahassee  2015
    Andrew McBride Stanton Miami  2016
    Robert J Telfer, III Tallahassee  2014
    Laura Keats Wendell Coral Gables  2014
    T. Kent Wetherell, II Tallahassee  2016
    Elizabeth Cangelose Wheeler Orlando  2014
    Carrie Ann Wozniak Orlando  2015
    Stephanie Christina Zimmerman Tampa  2015

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    [Revised: 7-1-2013]